Music Matters: The Future Is Looking Brighter

by Abby @ Quaver on April 18, 2013

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Dave Mastran,  Co-creator & Executive Producer of Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music &, is back again with another edition of Music Matters!

Take it away, Dave . . .



At Quaver, we want to make your job easier.

We talk to so many music teachers who are overwhelmed or feel under-supported, while others are just barely making it.  Some problems come up time and time again, for teachers in all kinds of states and schools.

Teachers admit that they struggle to:

  • Give necessary time and attention to too many students
  • Develop lesson plans for every grade
  • Conduct regular assessments for the entire student body
  • Cope with short class times that seem to barely get started before they end
  • Deal with a shortage of instruments or equipment
  • Sometimes rotate among schools
  • Work under the constant threat of program cuts

These are seriously tough conditions that most teachers in other subject areas do not face on a regular basis.  While we can’t solve all these problems, we are committed to helping music educators reach students in more effective and fulfilling ways.

Here’s how we’re doing it!

As many of you know we are developing a  “Beyond Marvelous” Curriculum that will be available for Fall 2013 classrooms. Our Curriculum will make your job a lot easier in a number of ways:

Use your precious time for teaching with Executable Lesson Plans.

The Curriculum will come with lesson plans for grades K-5 that are not just paper but a series of interactive activities for computers or interactive white boards.  Just move to the next screen for the next activity.    You’ll be able to customize the lessons if you wish.  These lesson plans provide for an orderly progression of diverse learning from kindergarten to the fifth grade.

Make grading quicker, easier, and more effective.

We are also introducing Automated Assessments.  Each group of six lessons will have an automated assessment that can be graded by the computer and the grade placed in your grade book.   You will ultimately be able to create your own automated assessments.  You can now be more effective in your job, finding out what students do and do not fully understand.

Keep music class FUN!

“Seriously fun!” is part of our DNA.  Everything we do for you will be fun and contribute to the learning of music.   We expect that you and your students will look forward to music class every day.

Make the most of existing funding and technology.

As for budgets and equipment, this new curriculum will show decision-makers how important and useful music education is, and why it’s a sound investment in their students.  We have worked hard to ensure the curriculum addresses connections to other academic disciplines and to the arts as well as to home and community life.  We believe they will see all the benefits of the program!

In short, we are doing our very best to help make your job easier and more fulfilling.

What other challenges do you face in your music program? Do these issues ring true for you?

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1 donna berg May 14, 2013 at 8:13 pm

Our district just announced that we are getting laptops or ipads in the hands of each student next year. I’m wondering how I might take advantage of that with my Quaver curriculum. I’ve been using Quaver for only a year now – and so far we’ve done most of the theory lessons and quizzes. We don’t have IWBs but we do use some of those activities anyway – projected in front of the classroom.


2 Abby @ Quaver May 15, 2013 at 12:22 pm

Hi Donna! Congrats! I’m sending you an email with more info – but laptops will make using with students much easier!


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