Quaver Qmunity MeetUp in Houston: Round 2

by Abby @ Quaver on April 16, 2013

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Marcus and QuaverHouston teacher Marcus Johnson is back with another report from his district, where they’ve started monthly MeetUps of teachers using Quaver’s Program in their classrooms.

Read how Marcus got this Meetup off the ground in his first post!

Here’s what he has to say about the followup event:


Another Successful Quaver Qmunity MeetUp!


In March, I again invited the teachers of Cypress-Fairbanks ISD to attend a Quaver Qmunity MeetUp – to share and learn more about Quaver’s Resources for their classroom. Our first meetup was so fun, and this one was equally incredible.  Remember when I told you about my curriculum coordinator helping me by setting up the class for me?  Well, this time around, she showed up!  I’m very fortunate to have so much support!

In this session, we got an opportunity to explore some of my favorite interactive whiteboard activities!  We looked at Quaver’s Quirky Quiz, which is the activity I use after showing an episode to my students.  As we continued, one teacher got extremely excited when . . .

Wait for it . . . .

I scrolled down the screen to show more IWB activities that can be used in the classroom!

The teacher didn’t realize that more activities were available; that gave me the opportunity to explain how QuaverMusic.com is always evolving and is never stagnant–that’s one of the many things I love about this marvelous resource.

Two other favorites we explored are Fur-cussion


…and Rhythm Selectah!

Rhythm Selectah

I use both of these with all grade levels and have found endless applications for them in my classroom.

Finally, we had a chance to connect all of this to the kids website at QuaverMusic.com, where students can create rhythm patterns using QBackBeat, which is found in the Studio!


These activities led to a discussion on how the Gradebook allows teachers to assign students tasks that would reinforce what was learned in class. By this point in our meetup, however, we’d run out of time, and it was time to end the session.  (It won’t be hard to decide what our next session will be about.)

Once again, everyone left even more excited about Quaver’s resources and was looking forward to meeting again.  QuaverMusic.com rules!

If you were hosting our next event, what Quaver Resources would you focus on exploring?


Thanks Marcus for hosting another great event! We’d love to see more teachers across the country leading Qmunity MeetUps like this one. If you’re interested in hosting a MeetUp in your district, contact us today!

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