QDancer for iPad!

by Abby @ Quaver on April 3, 2013

in Mobile Apps

The rumors are true.

Yesterday we crossed the great divide between web and mobile and released our first interactive game for the iPad!

Introducing QDancer for iPad!

QDancer for iPad

Every kid is a dance star in their imagination – and now there’s a way to bring those dreams to life!

QDancer for iPad allows kids to create a customized routine with the swipe of a finger, and then see their creation performed on stage with their music, lighting, and set design on display.

Just like the web-version of QDancer in Quaver’s Studio at QuaverMusic.com,  the iPad app ($1.99) lets users choose between ballet and hip-hop dancers.

With easy drag-and-drop commands, users can put together any combination of moves, select the right music, program the lights, change the scenery, and hit Show Time to see that dream dance become a reality!


Build a routine for the QDancer ballerina with any of our nearly 30 stationary and traveling, dance moves, including Arabesque, Glissade, Pas De Bourrée, and many more.


Create custom combos for the QDancer hip-hop star with over 30 authentic hip-hop moves – from the Dougie to B-Boy, Six Step to Gainer, and many Back Tucks in between.

With QDancer for iPad you can:

  • Set your routine to any of our 10 original songs
  • Build your dance by arranging our 50 plus moves for the perfect performance
  • Customize the set with 6 backgrounds to choose from and lighting cues at your command
  • Choose to hear the name of each move as it’s performed
  • Save unlimited routines to show off to family and friends

Visit the app store, download the app, and check out this video for helpful tips on getting started:

This is the first of many apps from Quaver HQ, and we can’t wait to hear what you think!


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