Our First Quaver Qmunity MeetUp

by Abby @ Quaver on March 7, 2013

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Marcus and QuaverMarcus Johnson teaches music at Metcalf Elementary in Houston, Texas where he’s using Quaver’s School Program in his classroom!

When the Quaver Team rolled through TMEA last month, Marcus helped out in the booth AND hosted our first ever Quaver Qmunity MeetUp!

Check out what he has to say about the event:


A Texas-Style Quaver Qmunity MeetUp


Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music has a lot of support in Texas, especially in Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, where I currently work. As a member of the Quaver Advisory Council this year, I thought it would be helpful to host a live, face-to-face Quaver Qmunity MeetUp around the TMEA convention in February.

The MeetUp was a chance for other Quaver teachers to learn how to more effectively use the plethora of resources that Quaver has to offer.

My curriculum coordinator set up a classroom for us to use, AND she made sure that my fellow elementary music teachers knew about it! Talk about support! We had our first Quaver Qmunity MeetUp on Tuesday, February 12; what an incredible time it was! Six other teachers joined me in diving into Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music, and we learned so much by sharing what we knew with each other.

I originally planned to take the teachers in attendance through some of my favorite interactive whiteboard activities in the Online Quaver Classrooms. Once we started asking what each teacher was most interested in exploring, however, we all agreed that QuaverMusic.com was a great place to start.

So together we dove into the resources at QuaverMusic.com, and we never came up for air!

We started in the Music Room where I showed them how QAstroNotes (one of the QArcade games) can be used to reinforce the concept of duration. The teachers were also interested in the Studio, especially in QGrooves. Together, we used QGrooves in order to create a sound file that could be used to reinforce Rondo form. Below is a screen shot of what we created:


Each teacher walked away with this tangible idea for a lesson plan using QuaverMusic.com to teach Rondo Form!

Create a Rondo form in your classroom using QGrooves:

  • Log in to QuaverMusic.com, and if you’re a full kit user, be sure to use your QuaverNotes to unlock all of the instruments, musical genres, loops, etc. in order to get the full experience of creating incredible grooves!
  • Use the Map to Navigate to Quaver’s Studio, and click on QGrooves
  • Choose a musical genre that gets your body moving!
  • Starting with keyboards, choose the loop that you want to use for section A; click and drag the loop into the first measure.
    • Suggestion: I find it best to use 4-beat grooves and repeat the loop for a total of two measures—that way, the form will be heard clearly and students have time to recognize the pattern!
  • Choose different keyboard loops for sections B and C; place them within the measure. Remember, rondo form has the pattern ABACA.
  • Do the same for the other instrument tracks.
    • Another suggestion: Because drums and percussion lay the foundation for the groove, you may want to just choose one loop for each of these instruments and repeat it throughout the groove you’re creating.
  • Press play and enjoy your creation!
  • Remember to save your file, just in case you want to enter it into a contest.

I went through this project with one of my third-grade classes, and we entered our final song into the Anything Goes! Contest. We got first place!

By the time the hour was up, the teachers were still asking questions and getting excited about using QuaverMusic.com more often.

We’ve already scheduled our next MeetUp for March, and I hope to make these meetups a regular gathering of our district music education community!

If you were hosting our next event, what Quaver Resources would you focus on exploring?


Thanks Marcus for hosting this exciting kick-off event! We’d love to see more teachers across the country leading Qmunity MeetUps like this one. If you’re interested in hosting a MeetUp in your district, contact us today!

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