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by Abby @ Quaver on February 25, 2013

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Greetings Quaverites!

Quaver Website Coordination Manager Jeremy Ruff here once again to talk to you about your Teacher Admin Panel!

We receive lots of good comments and feedback from our cracker-jack teacher partners, and this last month was no exception.  We heard from so many of you about your wishlist items for the Teacher Admin Panel that we simply couldn’t wait to get to work on some new features that would help make the experience of managing your students faster and easier.

Log in at www.QuaverMusic.com, open the Teacher tab, and follow along!

Let’s start our tour on the Give Assignments screen.

On this screen, you see a list of all the assignment templates you have created.  Many of you have written in to tell us that you really would like to keep this area neat and tidy, so we have given you the ability to EDIT and DELETE assignments from this list.

Select any assignment and the respective buttons will appear at the bottom of the screen.  Keep in mind, if you edit or delete these assignment templates they will not change the assignments you have already given to your students– the changes will only be reflected when you give the assignment subsequently.


We have also added the ability to EDIT and DELETE assignments from your gradebook.

Go to the Update Gradebook screen and click on the header area for any assignment.  You will be able to edit the assign and due dates, as well as delete the assignment completely.  In this case, if you delete the assignment it will permanently delete all grades for any students that may have already turned the assignment in (it won’t delete your students’ songs though), so wield this power with responsibility!  If you make a boo-boo and have to change the detailed attributes of the assignment, such as the creative activity or instructions, your best option is to delete the old assignment and give out the correct one.


At QuaverMusic.com, we are dedicated to being responsive to our teacher partners.  So keep those ideas rolling in and we’ll keep the features and fun rolling out!

We know you have ideas for the Admin Panel and other features at QuaverMusic.com. Let’s hear them in the comments!

Just a reminder, the Teacher Admin Panel is a premium feature for users of all 30 episodes & classrooms in Quaver’s School Program. If you have questions about your Admin Panel, check out our Qtorial on the Teacher Dashboard, or contact us for more help! If you don’t have the Admin Panel, call your sales rep at 866-917-3633 if you want to upgrade to the full program and start using the Teacher Admin Panel today!

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