What’s New in your Teacher Admin Panel?

by Abby @ Quaver on January 7, 2013

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Greetings Quaverites!

Quaver Website Coordination Manager Jeremy Ruff here to talk to you about your Teacher Admin Panel!

We’re very excited about the positive response we’ve received about our Teacher Admin Panel!  It’s a great way to expose your students to Quaver’s awesome creative activities, games, and venues.  We have improved the Teacher Admin Panel over the last few weeks to make it even more useful, and I wanted to make sure you were aware of all the cool new features.

Log in at www.QuaverMusic.com, open the Teacher tab, and follow along!

Screen shot 2013-01-07 at 9.47.25 AM

Sort Data However You Like!

The first thing I want to share is that we have made all data columns sortable.  So now if you’re confronted by a long list of assignments, students or classes, simply click on the name of the column (e.g. “First Name” on the Enroll Students page) to bring back your sanity.

Hide Last Year’s Classes!

Speaking of long lists, I know many of you are using Quaver for the second school year now, and you’ve asked about deleting or archiving classes.  We thought about this for a long time and decided that deleting classes is not the best solution, should you ever need to retrieve information in the future.  Instead, we added a toggle to HIDE a class from your class selection list.

  • To see this, go to the Manage Classes page and look on the far right side.
  • If you check the box for a class, it will hide it from your Class Selection Dropdown menu on the Enroll Students, Give Assignments, Control Access, and One-Day Pass Screens.
  • So when you’re setting up your new classes, simply hide the ones you aren’t going to use anymore and they’ll stay out of your way.
  • If you ever need to refer back to one, just unhide it and it will be back in the Class Selection Dropdown menu.  Pretty snazzy!

Label Grade Level and Assignments!

Two other small changes you should be aware of:

  1. We have added a “Grade Level” field in the Create Assignments page so you can keep track of which assignment is appropriate for which grade level.
  2. And finally, we heard many of you tell us that it would be great to see the assignment titles on the Update Gradebook page.  HOVER your mouse over an assignment ID on the gradebook, and it will tell you the name of the assignment.

While these improvements are great, don’t think we’re stopping here!  

Coming soon you will have the ability to edit assignments you have already created, as well as edit due dates or even delete assignments from your Gradebook.  Keep your browser tuned to the Quaver Music Blog to be the first to hear when these features become available.

Have you been using your Teacher Admin Panel to plug your students into QuaverMusic.com this semester?

For more help using your Admin Panel, check out the Qtorial on your Online Quaver Classroom Bulletin Board, or download these instructions for creating student accounts!

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