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by Abby @ Quaver on December 6, 2012

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A teacher-created, Quaver-approved lesson plan for
a day of Holiday Greeting Cards
in your music classroom!

This lesson plan comes to us from Quaver Program-enthusiast Jean Pittman, who teaches in South Georgia. Thanks Jean!

In a 45 minute class time frame, students should be able to watch Quaver’s Writing a Song episode together for 14 minutes and then travel to at least 3 stations to reinforce and apply what they’ve learned. This is ideal for a Holiday project for K-5th grades.

This lesson plan meets National Standards for:

  • Content 4: Composing
  • Content 5: Notating
  • Content 8: Writing Across the Curriculum

Center 1  Browse Station

  • Browse through samples of musical holiday greeting cards to get some ideas of how to design your own.
  • Make a few sample with QuaverMusic.com and craft supplies, or search Greeting Card sites for professional samples.

Ideal for all K-5th and should only take about 5 minutes. Allow 4 students at a time in this center.

Center 2  Listening Center

  • Listen to samples of Holiday music to get ideas of how you might write your song.
  • Check your favorite places like iTunes and YouTube for age-appropriate Holiday music for all K-5th.
  • Two examples:
    • Visit QuaverMusic.com’s Ballet Venue and play the Russian Dance from the Nutcracker Suite. Then contrast it with the Brian Setzer Orchestra’s version from YouTube and talk about the classic Christmas composition.
    • Compare unique versions of the “Carol of the Bells,” by Trans Siberian Orchestra or this classic from the Muppets.

This center should take 5 to 7 minutes and should only have 4 students at a time.

Center 3, Part 1 –QLyrics in QComposer at QuaverMusic.com
Computer Station 

  • Have your students log in to QuaverMusic.com with their personal accounts.
  • Direct them to go to Quaver’s Music Shop and click on QComposer.
  • Direct them to click the QLyrics button on a new composition
  • Ask them to write lyrics for a holiday greeting card for family and friends.

This station would be ideal for 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades, and should take up to 10 to 12 minutes. How many at this station depends on your technology equipment. The ideal scenario would be technology cow stations that house laptops with earphones. You could allow 5 at a time.

Center 3, Part 2 – Melody in QComposer at QuaverMusic.com

  • After 10 minutes in QLyrics, instruct Center 3 students to move on to Part 2 of their project.
  • Ask students to write a melody for their holiday lyrics on QComposer.
  • Use simple melodies of bitonic (sol-G and mi-E) or tritonic (sol -G, la-A, sol-G, mi-E).

For the same 5 students, this part of the project should not take more than 10 to 12 minutes. 

Center 4 – Craft Center

  • Now it’s time to design the artwork for these musical holiday greeting cards.
  • Before class, prepare craft baggies with a glue stick, colored pencils, crayons, markers, glitter, stickers and scissors available with paper for each student.
  • Have students write the words to their song, or draw pictures to illustrate the message, and practice singing the song they wrote.

This is ideal for all grades especially early childhood grades K and 1st. This should take 15 minutes and allow 5 students at a time in this center.


This should be a special student portfolio project that you can send home with your students around the Holidays for their parents to enjoy! Ask students to be sure to give their cards to their parents, and sing the song they wrote or log on to QuaverMusic.com at home to share their compositions!

Learn more about Quaver’s School Program and see a free episode here!

If you have a Quaver Lesson Plan you’d like to share on the blog – contact Abby@QuaverMusic.com!

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