3Qs with Quaver: The Amazing One-Day Pass

by Abby @ Quaver on November 26, 2012

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Quaver’s always on the move and hard to catch!  Once a month, Program Producer Steve Gilreath runs along side Graham Hepburn (aka Quaver) to ask 3 Quick Questions:

This week is all about:

The Amazing One-Day Pass

Q1: Teachers who have our entire Program can access the ‘Teacher Admin Panel’ by clicking the Teacher Tab at the bottom of the Kids website page.  While most have found that, I bet that some don’t know how to take their kids on a Virtual Field Trip with a One-Day Pass!  How do they do that?

Quaver: It couldn’t be easier!  Once you click on the Teacher Tab, then click on the One-Day Pass button.  Follow the instructions to use your QuaverNotes to grant temporary access to any venue or mini-game for all the students in any of your classes!

Remember, you should already have loads of QuaverNotes in your account that came with the purchase of the program!


Q2: Does the ‘day’ start when the teacher issues the pass, or when the kid first uses it?

Quaver: I’m glad you asked!  The ‘day’ starts when the teacher issues the pass.  The student is notified immediately on the QuaverMusic.com website via our cool Alerts system, and can see when the pass will expire. The great thing about the pass system is that teachers can use it to reward classes as well as using it for an assessment tool. We plan to have more elements for teachers to open up to students in the future!! Watch this space for information as soon as we have it!


Q3: What are a couple of your favorite Venues they should consider visiting with their students on Virtual Field trips?

Quaver: Personally, I like to boogie with the Disco Penguin in the Disco venue, but I’ve also been known to visit Cristofori to learn how he invented the pianoforte or play a game of QSplat in my music room from time to time! It’s so hard to choose!


Quaver Out!

Help a Quaver out: What is your favorite Venue from the Phonebox or the Metro at QuaverMusic.com?


Do you own all 30 Quaver episodes and don’t yet have access to the Teacher Admin Panel in your account? Email us at info@QuaverMusic.com to fix this or if you have any questions! We’ll get it set up in no time.

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