A Note from Quaver: What’s Inside Bach’s Brain?

by Abby @ Quaver on November 19, 2012

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Last week,we told you about a new feature called Bach’s Brain – an exciting series of video vignettes connecting music with real life skills through the lives of history’s greatest composers!

  • The first set includes 6, 2-3 minute videos located in your Online Quaver Classroom lobby!
  • Each features a different composer, like Handel, Beethoven, and Bach, and tells a true story of their life that teaches a lesson tied to real life skills.
  • The clips encourage traits like determination, creativity, and strength in the face of obstacles.


Tell us more about why Bach’s Brain is important and useful for music teachers today, Quaver!



The first inkling of Bach’s Brain came from the set we built for the DVD series. We had a really cool floating brain in a jar down in Quaver’s Lab and the sign on it said “Bach’s Brain.”

So when we were ready to build that part of the online program out, we asked ourselves:

“What would be in Bach’s brain today?”

We decided that Bach would know a lot about the world around him – especially about other composers and amazing stories about the lives they led. I’ve noticed that kids love stories and anecdotes, and they have an easier time remembering information that way. You’ve probably noticed this, too. Great teachers work a lot of stories into their lessons, and we felt this was a great chance to use story to teach important information!

With Bach’s Brain, we’re working to connect music to other things in life – career, morality, personality, character.

These Life Connections are being required more and more in music lessons, and we wanted to support teachers in teaching them!

When you start to study the lives of composers, you find some really amazing stories! Learning these fun facts and strange details makes these composers more real and more human to students.¬†Students listen to their music in class, look at pictures hanging on their music room’s walls, and hear a list of what they composed, but it’s hard for them to relate, and they don’t actually understand that these incredibly talented men had regular, normal lives.

So that’s what Bach’s Brain is doing – connecting the dots between music and real life skills, between composers of long ago and kids living life now!

Plus, did I mention the videos are really clever and hilarious? They are!

If you don’t believe me, check out this clip from the Bach’s Brain vignette on Beethoven at QuaverMusic.com:


Visit the Lobby of your Online Quaver Classrooms to watch all 6 Bach’s Brain Videos today. And check back tomorrow when Producer Hannah Alley takes us behind the scenes on the set of Bach’s Brain!

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