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by Abby @ Quaver on November 15, 2012

in At Quaver HQ,

As Thanksgiving approaches, we at Quaver HQ are thankful for YOU and would like to offer these awesome updates as a little gift for your November rush!

Visit to check out these updates today, and let Quaver show you more in this week’s webinar!


Sing Along with Long & Short Sounds!

Head to the Durations Classroom to check out our newest Interactive Song Activity.

  • Perfect for K-1st Grade Standards
  • Teach Long & Short Sounds with fun, interactive examples
  • Add movement and use instrument examples to enhance the lesson

Everything you need is in the Long & Short Sounds IWB in your Duration Classroom! Check it out today!


Also New: Complete Level 1 IWBs!

  • QLibs Level 1 (for K-1st) now live in ALL Classrooms
  • Train the Brain Level 1 (for K-1st) now live in ALL Classrooms

Better Organization in Teacher Admin Panel!

Thanks to great feedback from teachers like you – we’ve adjusted your CLASSES functions in the Teacher Admin Panel (a feature for all full-kit users). You can now archive old classes to keep a clean list of current classes, without losing any data on past students.

Save all your data, but only see what you need!

Click the Teacher Tab and “Manage Classes” to check it out!


Bach’s Brain Videos!

Build Life Connection skills while telling important stories from the lives of your favorite composers!

  • Each 2-3 minute video is a Teacher-Only treat your students will beg to see again
  • Learn from the greats like Handel, Beethoven, and Bach, with great true-to-history stories
  • Encourage traits like determination, creativity, and strength in the face of obstacles

Access all 6 Bach’s Brain Videos in the Online Quaver Classroom lobby!


Madrigal Music Venue!

Take your students back in time to the 1500s and the world of Madrigal Singers!

  • Ace the Venue Book quiz – full of facts and interesting tidbits about all things Madrigal – and your students will win a Renaissance Costume for their avatar!
  • Listen to traditional Madrigal songs sung a cappella and discuss the harmonies made with polyphonic singing!
  • Match famous faces from the Renaissance in our matching game, or race against the clock to solve our jigsaw puzzle!

Access the Madrigal Venue via Quaver’s Phone Box for just 5 QuaverNotes a day, 50 for an unlimited pass.
Teachers with full kits can send students on a field trip through the Teacher Admin Panel.


PLUS Easier Navigation!

Getting around is now easier than ever with a graphic Map to show even early readers where they want to go. Click Map in the menu on any page of the site to see each room and the games and activities that live there!

It’s also even easier to get from your Classrooms to the Creatives you love with a shortcut button in the Lobby!


Don’t forget to watch the webinar, too!

There’s a chance to win QuaverNotes for your class with a secret code word somewhere in the video!

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1 Carol Froehlich November 15, 2012 at 4:00 pm

The students were amazed by the Long and Short Sounds Song in the Duration classroom. They were instantly mesmerized by the graphics and the selection of characters and sounds. Great addition to Quaver’s World!!


2 Abby @ Quaver November 15, 2012 at 4:37 pm

We may or not be also mesmerized by that song in the office! Thanks Carol!


3 Cindy Austin November 20, 2012 at 3:43 pm

I listened to a replay of the webinars while I was waiting in jury duty and the judge, DA and jury pool were all mesmerized by the Long and Short Sounds song and engaged by the Bach’s Brain videos! I had a couple of the videos play during our open house too and the parents were in awe of what their kids were learning! Thank you so much, guys, for all you do for us!


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