3Qs with Quaver: A Peek Ahead at ClassPlay

by Abby @ Quaver on November 13, 2012

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Quaver’s always on the move and hard to catch!  Once a month, Program Producer Steve Gilreath runs along side Graham Hepburn (aka Quaver) to ask 3 Quick Questions:

This week is all about:

A Peek Ahead!


Q1:  It’s already difficult for you to present the entire Quaver School Program to teachers at Workshops- but that doesn’t stop you from continuing the development of new and exciting things!   Early next year, we’ll be releasing an amazing new feature called ‘ClassPlay’.  In a few sentences, can you give our readers an overview?

Quaver: ClassPlay is probably the most significant release we will have done since the episodes. We are writing and recording loads of songs that will become the center piece of the Quaver curriculum over the next few years. There will be Kodaly songs, Orff pieces, fun songs, folk and traditional songs. We will be continually adding to our collection.


Q2: So it’s more than just a few songs, right?   How will ClassPlay be used by teachers in most classes?

Quaver: ClassPlay will be really interactive! Think of the song as the hub and around it will be loads of interactive elements such as:

  • animated SOLFEGE hand movements
  • other animated movements
  • cross curriculum connections
  • graphic scores
  • class activities
  • and more!

It will be the Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory of class playing and singing!


Q3: Can you tell us about just one day of recording for ClassPlay recently?

Quaver: For our Folk and Traditional songs we decided to get the best Bluegrass and folk players in Nashville to do the recordings so they sound as original as possible. We used fiddle, sailor’s piano, accordion, guitar, double bass, harmonica, banjo, whistle, concertinam and more! It was a great day.

Each track had a different combination of instruments and we recorded the whole thing so teachers can not only learn and sing the songs but they can watch the session players in the session creating the music. It was super FUN.


Bonus Question: When can teachers expect to get their classes involved with ClassPlay?

Quaver: We will be consulting with our teacher advisors in the next few weeks and ClassPlay will be live on QuaverMusic.com in early 2013!

Stay tuned for more info. I can’t wait to show it to you!

Quaver Out!

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1 Sarah Jensen November 13, 2012 at 10:37 am

This is SO EXCITING!! I can’t wait to see the new Class Play! Yay for Quaver!


2 Amanda Gonzales November 13, 2012 at 12:40 pm

I am so EXCITED to see all that Class Play will have to offer. Looking foward to using it in my classroom.
Quaver Music ROCKS!


3 Carol Froehlich November 13, 2012 at 10:42 pm

Great news!! ClassPlay sounds truly amazing!! I can’t wait to try it out!


4 Lexie Jensen November 13, 2012 at 10:51 pm

I am ALWAYS amazed how the Quaver team can take everything to the next level and WOW us in new, creative, and engaging ways!! This is SO COOL!!!!!!!!!


5 Mona February 20, 2013 at 8:47 am

Love that they’re also all 6 letters long, and execpt for Elmira, 2 syllables. I wonder why they didn’t start at A (although we would have missed the unique Quaver). My favorite is Pascal.I can’t even begin to think about completing the sib set!


6 Luz February 20, 2013 at 8:47 am

Here’s my alphabetical list: Ainslie, Briony, Cashel, Declan, Ellis, Felicity, Grafton, Honora, Imogen, Jasper, Kerensa, Larita, Malachy, Nora, Otillie, Pippa, Quinlan, Romilly, Sorrel, Torin, Una, Vale, Warrick, Xenia, Yannis, Zara. So fun!


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