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by Abby @ Quaver on November 6, 2012

in In the Quaver Classroom!

This Quaver Lesson Plan comes from Maryland music teacher Rolanda Brown who’s been using Quaver’s resources in her classroom this Fall!

Take it away, Rolanda!

How I teach Rock with Quaver’s School Program

I love to teach popular music to my students because it captivates them and helps bring music to their level. They enjoy learning about something current and make important connections to music.  Recently, I did a Unit on Rock with my 4th and 5th Graders using Quaver’s School Program and QuaverMusic.com.  Here is how I laid it out:

  • We then went to the Rock Concert Venue on QuaverMusic.com using my Projector, so the students could learn more about Rock and its musicians.  Using my Teacher Admin Panel, I even gave the students a One Day Pass to do the Rock Venue at home!  It made an excellent extension activity for them, and they loved being able to earn the awesome leather jacket for their avatars by acing the Venue Book Quiz!
  • Throughout the lesson, we discussed the three chords that make up Rock Music – C, F, and G.  We extended this by going into the Rock Online Quaver Classroom and doing the IWB activity, “Follow the Chord Chart.”

    1. First, I reminded them of the musical scale and told them the scale could be counted in numbers 1-8.
    2. Next, we figured out what numbers C, F, and G would be – I, IV, and V.
    3. Then, we listened to the backing track, holding up the correct number of fingers for each chord.
    4. We identified the notes in each chord.
    5. We played the chords on Boomwhackers with and without the backing track.
  • The next day, I met my students in the computer lab during their music time.  Prior to them coming, I posted an assignment to their student accounts entitled, “QGrooves Rock Presets.”   The most important part of this assignment was that they understand the three chords that are common in Rock, learn how to change the chords in QGroove, and make sure those chords match up on each column.

“As a music teacher, Quaver has helped me focus my teaching.  I know when my kids are done that they fully understand every concept that they’ve seen.”

Thanks for sharing your lesson plan with us, Rolanda! Keep up the great work.

Have you used Quaver’s Resources to teach a lesson on Rock Music yet?
What would you add to Rolanda’s great plan?

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1 Dara November 6, 2012 at 12:33 pm

One thing I add…

I have the sheet for “Hound Dog” by Elvis…the students in sixth grade figure out the chord progression (any guesses??? yep, it’s identical to “Workin’ at the Drive-thru”) and then play the boomwhackers to accompany Elvis!

Great job Rolanda…way to represent!!


2 Rolanda November 6, 2012 at 1:34 pm

Thanks, Dara! My kids had so much fun! It totally energizes my teaching when they’re having a blast too! I like your idea. There are so many extensions to this lesson!


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