Qtorial: Using Chord Builder in QComposer

by Abby @ Quaver on October 29, 2012

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Do you have your calendar marked for tomorrow’s Live Webinar with Quaver?

Tuesday, October 30th
4:30pm EST
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We’ll be streaming live from Tampa, Florida where Quaver is gearing up for another Crepes Event with local teachers. He’ll be revealing the winning Costume chosen by YOU and announcing the winner of the Costumed Skype Visit!

Quaver will also be introducing some new features and showcasing a feature you may not be familiar with – Chord Builder.

Chord Builder has been a part of QComposer since QuaverMusic.com launched last year, and it’s worth taking a look at today!

Have you used it before?  Do you know how it works?  

We asked our Website Coordination Manager Jeremy Ruff to show you a few tricks so you can use this tool for all it’s worth!
Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Quaver’s advice on using Chord Builder in your classroom!

Chord Builder is an easy way to add chords to your song. Let’s try it:

  • First, navigate to QComposer in the studio.  Once there, notice the Chord Builder button in the top left of the screen.  We’ll open it in just a moment.
  • For now, try placing a simple melody on the treble clef, maybe something like this:

  • Now I have a melody I like, but it could be even more interesting with chords!  Just one problem…. I have no idea what chord goes with which note!  (Well maybe I do, maybe I’m just pretending.)  Have no fear, it’s Chord Builder to the rescue.
  • Click on the Chord Builder button to open it up.

  • Listed inside the chord builder you’ll see all the chords in the key of C (the only key signature we support for now).
  • Now, one part of using Chord Builder is using pre-assembled chords.  Try dragging any of these chords down to the staff.  Try moving the chord up and down. Notice that the notes always snap to a C chord, but different intervals.  It’s easy to place chords this way- try placing a few!  Now you only have to click once instead of 3 times in order to make a chord, and you’re guaranteed to place no wrong notes.  Of course, if you want to change a note in your chord, simply click and drag to move it like normal.
  • But what if you don’t know what chord goes with which note?  Chord Builder has a handy tool to help you decide!  While Chord Builder is active, click on one of your melody notes.  Notice how the note lights up, and how several of the chord choices above faded out.  The remaining chords are guaranteed to sound good with the note you clicked!  That’s because the note you’ve chosen is contained within each of the chords shown.  It’s a sure-fire way to choose good chords to put with your melody.  To de-select the note, click anywhere on the staff.  Don’t forget to close Chord Builder when you’re done by clicking on the button again!

Now that you know how to easily add chords to your melodies, you can make your songs more interesting!  

Try entering a song with chords into a contest and see how other people like it!

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow at 4:30EST to catch Quaver’s Live Webinar!

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