A PTO Success Story: Katherine Lauson-Iriarte

by Abby @ Quaver on October 4, 2012

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Aurora, Ohio is home to one dedicated Vocal Music Specialist.
Meet Katherine Lauson-Iriarte, today’s Funding Success Story!

Take it away, Katherine!

I was fortunate to attend 2011 Ohio Music Educators Association convention where the Quaver Team was doing a workshop. I normally try to squeeze in as many presentations and groups as possible, so I popped into their presentation.

After simply watching the Quaver Sizzle Reel – a collection of clips from their 30 episodes – I immediately knew that this was the best quality DVD series out there.

I walked away after only 7 minutes! I just knew how great it was. One of the Quaver team stopped me to see if there was anything wrong,  and I let him know it was completely fantastic, and I was hoping to purchase it!

The episodes are powerful, exploding with numerous music concepts, ones that students would be able to grasp after watching such incredible quality programming. 

Unfortunately, I had no idea how I was going to squeeze the cost of Quaver out of our tiny budget.  After a frustrating session with colleagues, we did not agree to spend our money on Quaver.

So I decided to pursue the program on my own, and scheduled a meeting with the Aurora PTO.

I called Quaver, and talked to Rob in Customer Service. He was fabulous, sent me well-worded documents about Quaver’s School Program, and pointed me to all the Grant Resources at QuaverMusic.com/Grants, most of which I incorporated into my presentation.  It was some extra work, but in the end, well worth it.  25 parents were at the meeting that I presented this info to, and within 2 hours, they made the decision to support this addition to our curriculum!

I can’t wait to begin using the teaching tools in the Online Quaver Classrooms and incorporating the DVDs. 

Thank you Quaver for your amazing product!  Absolutely worth every ounce of energy!!!!

Thanks Katherine and to the Aurora PTO for supporting music education in their community! For more information on Quaver Grant and Fundraising Support and even a Build-Your-Own Grant application, visit QuaverMusic.com/Grants.

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