Quaver Blueprint: 3rd Grade

by Abby @ Quaver on October 2, 2012

in In the Quaver Classroom!

Quaver put together the following advice for teachers planning to use Quaver’s School Program with 3rd grade students!

In one school year I would focus on episodes 7-12:

  1. Middle C and the Grand Staff
  2. The Musical Alphabet
  3. Lines and Spaces
  4. Notes and Rests
  5. Writing Rhythms
  6. Writing a Song

Depending on the length of your class, you could easily split these episodes into 5 key scenes highlighted in each Teachers Guide, or you can watch entire episodes with your 3rd graders.

Try these Interactive White Board Activities, located in the given episode’s Online Quaver Classroom:

Depending on your own school curriculum each grade level may have a different focus, but here are a group of IWBs and activities that will be PERFECTO for 2nd and 3rd grade!

  • Staff Champion (x 10): Lines and Spaces classroom
    • There are 10 of theses boards to test your students awesomeness in knowing note names! Try this as a class and then drive the connection home with the Creative Challenges below!
    • There is even a staff champion for naming the POSITION of the notes on the staff which is really useful as a precursor for learning the note names,
  • Rhythm Selectah Level 2: Rhythm classroom
    • Rhythm Selectah takes students into new areas of rhythm and rhythmic word patterns.
  • QLibs (x 30):  All Online Quaver Classrooms – focus on Music Theory!
    • These look at the concepts and key phrases in music learning – you can play it as a team or in a solo contest.
  • Train the Brain (x30): All Online Quaver Classrooms – focus on Music Theory!
    • These look at all of the crucial vocabulary that is essential for learning music.
  • Teacher Toolbox: In addition, if you choose to introduce instruments of the orchestra in 3rd grade, then there is the Teacher Toolbox full of Instrument Anatomies IWBs where you can introduce different looks, sounds and techniques to your students.
  • Quaver’s World Music: By 3rd grade, I would be introducing students to more world music instruments. You can visit Quaver’s World Music area in your Online Quaver Classroom lobby and explore these instruments and many more each from a different continent of the world:
    • the Bodhran
    • the Dunun
    • the Claves

In 3rd grade I would be using all of our Studio Creatives, either in work stations in my class, in a computer lab, or as homework:

  • The easiest to pick up is QBackBeat.
  • Next I would introduce QGrooves– which involves arranging.
  • Finally, I’d get students going on QComposer!
  • After I have spent time using Staff Champion I would show the students how to do a QDo!
    • QDo’s are small, directed exercises that students can do on their own in any of our creatives. The ones in QComposer simply start with middle C whole notes – and expand from there.
    • Learn more about QDo’s in these posts!

That’s enough to get you started!
What would you add to the Blueprint for 3rd Grade classes?

Don’t forget to leave your nominations for Quaver’s Halloween Contest in the comments here! Your class could win a Skype visit with Quaver IN the costume of your choice!

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