Using Contests in the Music Classroom

by Abby @ Quaver on September 13, 2012

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When we launched Contests at last month, we knew kids would love competing and ranking their original creations!

Jim Meske shows us why teachers love Contests, too, with a look at a recent lesson in his Chicago-area classroom.

Take it away, Jim:

Using Quaver Contests in the Music Classroom:

New Contests Feature at!

Contests are a huge hit in my classroom!

Here’s how I work them into a lesson on Beat:

  • I ask my students to create a piece in QBackBeat that shows the difference between strong beat and weak beat.
  • We talk about how the first beat of every measure should include every instrument in the kit so that it sounds strong.
  • The students then are allowed to create the rest of the piece.
  • Once the 5-10 measure QBackBeat songs are completed, the students save them and submit them into a contest.
  • Students that finish early, enjoy rating songs in the contests.  They love it when a piece of music appears that was created by someone in the class!
  • The next time we meet, they log in to check their results.
  • The students naturally start discussing with each other why they thought their pieces didn’t win.  This type of conversation among the third graders is wonderful to observe.  They get so excited to talk about their pieces and the strengths and weaknesses of them!

I will always remember the moment when my first student discovered that she won a contest! As my class of third graders discussed the contests results of their latest contest, one of my female students, usually quite withdrawn, started jumping up and down, and smiling ear-to-ear, shouting my name.  “Mr Meske, I think I won against 12 kids!!”  I gave her a huge high five and told her how proud of her I was.  The other kids started clapping and cheering for her.

This was definitely the highlight of her day!  It was an awesome moment in my classroom that I needed to share with the Quaver family.  Keep up the good work!


Try Quaver Contests in your class! Using their student account, students can visit, create original music in Quaver’s Studio, and enter them in Contests via the tab at the bottom of their screen!

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1 Jaida foster November 2, 2012 at 11:26 pm

Hey! One day our class did a quiz and we got 9 out of 9! But most of all quaver is a great place to learn about music! If anyone hadn’t tried this they should! So everyone who would like to get on this website just ask your parents or tell your teacher at school! Oh and my classroom always watches qua ers marvelous world of music! I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day and remember … That’s right have a good day!


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