3Qs with Quaver: Teaching Teachers

by Abby @ Quaver on September 10, 2012

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Quaver’s always on the move and hard to catch standing still! From time to time, Program Producer Steve Gilreath runs along side Graham Hepburn (aka Quaver) to ask him 3 Quick Questions.

This week is all about:

Training Teachers


Q1: We’ve been on the road together a lot lately – teaching teachers all over the country how to use the resources we’ve created! What is your favorite thing about these trips – aside from enjoying my company?

Quaver: Teachers are absolutely great, they have so much energy, drive, and more than anything a passion to keep music alive and real in the lives of children. Many of them are doing extra hours, extra clubs, and are determined to make music a real experience for their students.

It is humbling and motivating to see teachers in their element. It makes it easy for me to continue dreaming up tools to help them even more!


Q2: The hardest thing about these training sessions is getting a TON of information into a short time with teachers. If you only had ONE hour to dive into one element of our Program, what would you teach a teacher?

Quaver: It would definitely be the Online Quaver Classrooms. They are really the engine room of our resources for teachers. The kid’s website is amazing, but our huge collection of IWB Activities, Quaver’s World Music, and all that we have planned for this space is really the most critical piece of our program so far. The episodes are also an amazing tool, but we’ve found most teachers have a pretty good handle on how to use a DVD player these days. . . . most of them!


Q3:  It’s got to be a challenge though – teaching teachers. Are they well behaved or do they act up like their students?

Quaver: They are usually pretty well behaved. Having worked as a performer for so long it is actually FAR better for me if they act up, because then things become really fun. I like a lively audience.

Music teachers are constantly asking their kids to get active and get involved, so when I ask them to do the same they are more likely to do it with a smile. Maybe it’s just out of sympathy, having been in that situation so many times before, but I do appreciate it! Music teachers are also very grateful. Many of them have thanked me and our company for what we are doing, and I appreciate this greatly. In fact, a teacher in Texas asked if there were shares she could buy to support what we’re doing. I told her “not yet!” but was encouraged by the excitement and engagement of teachers like her!

Quaver out!


If you’re looking for instruction or training on how to use Quaver’s School Program, there are plenty of places to find it:

  1. Video Qtorials – Step-by-step videos by members of the Quaver team to help teachers dig deeper into specific elements of the site. Find these in the Online Quaver Classroom Lobby!
  2. Webinars – Chat Live with Quaver as he reveals new features and unpacks the best way to use them, or catch up on recorded webinars on your own time. See a schedule of upcoming Webinars, or visit our Ustream channel for previous recordings.
  3. Quaver Qmunity – Learn from other teachers using Quaver in their classroom at QuaverQmunity.com!
  4. QuaverMusicBlog – Twice a month, here on the blog, we post how-to’s and lesson plans to help you experience all that we have to offer in a more bite-size, manageable portion. Scroll through our Archives of Web Qtorials here!
  5. Customer Service – Need a Quaver team member to talk you through something personally? Call our friendly customer service team – Rob, Chris, and Bradley – at 866-917-3633 or email us at info@QuaverMusic.com.

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