Grant Success Story: Tracy Pitts

by Abby @ Quaver on September 6, 2012

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Texas Teacher Wins Research Grant for Entire District!

Tracy Pitts and Red Oak ISD students

Thanks to the Red Oak Education Foundation and the efforts of Music Teachers like Tracy Pitts, the students of Red Oak, TX will ALL have Quaver in their classrooms this year!

We invited Tracy to share her Grant Success Story today – Take it away, Tracy:

I am so excited to start using Quaver’s School Program in our school district!

We wrote and received a $5,000 grant so that all 4 elementary schools and the intermediate school in our district could all join in the Quaver experience. 

While attending the Texas Music Educators Association Convention in San Antonio, last year, I noticed the Quaver Booth and was intrigued to find out more information!  I was immediately “hooked” with the use of technology and the musical concepts being taught and reinforced in a short period of time.

Needless to say, my fellow Red Oak ISD teachers and I began the Grant Search before we even returned home from the convention!

Because Quaver is already innovative, it was easy to write and research the grant with their helpful resource:  The website was very helpful and full of information.  I was excited to write this grant because it had the possibility to impact so many students.  With 4 elementary schools and the intermediate campus,  we will reach  2800 students this next year. That is AWESOME!!

Our PTA has agreed to pay the site license every year, so the Quaver fun can continue year after year. That is also exciting, because we now have community support for the fine arts department! It was easy to explain the need/rationale for this project because Quaver’s School Program can be used to reach the high, middle, and low students as well as the at-risk, unmotivated, learning disabled students.  We like that the DVD’s are only 15 minutes long, so that we can add our own activities and  lessons to enhance the learning objective and concept.

We were thrilled when we received our grant and we can’t wait to welcome students to the Quaver family in our district!


Way to go Tracy and all the Red Oak ISD music teachers!

To see some of the language Terry used in her grant and for help finding funding to bring Quaver into your classroom visit

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