A Note from Quaver: The Music of London’s Olympics

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by Abby @ Quaver on August 21, 2012

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As we travel the country talking to teachers, we are often asked “Why did you choose the name Quaver?”

If you aren’t from Great Britain, you may not know that “quaver” is a term used in England for an eighth note. Since the man behind the music, Graham Hepburn, himself hails from England, we thought it was the perfect name for his educational counterpart.

You can imagine the excitement this summer as Quaver’s home country hosted the 2012 Olympic Games!

Now that the competition is over, and the medals all counted (Great Britain: 65, United States:104), we asked Quaver to chime in on his Olympic impressions:

Take it away, Quaver!

Hello from London, er, Nashville, Tennessee.

I hope you were as inspired as I was by the Olympic Games this summer! It made me feel quite homesick in a good and very proud way.

As always, when I watch the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, I am struck not only by the power of sport but by the power of music.

Where would these Olympic Ceremonies be without it? Over 26 million people watched the Opening Ceremonies this summer in London, and much of that spectacle was driven by music. Music can move us, unite us, make us dance, communicate culture, create atmosphere, create memories. All of this amazing music was written by someone, somewhere, and all of those composers were once children who were introduced to music by someone in their lives – someone like you!

One of my favorite Musical Moments of the Olympic Games was in the Opening Ceremony, when children’s choirs from around the United Kingdom sang the National Anthems of all Four Nations. Take a listen below and just try not to tear up!

You just never know who will come into your class this year, so feel the freedom to be inspirational!

As you inspire your students they may go on to inspire millions themselves with a love for music that was started in your class!

What was your favorite musical moment of this Summer’s Games?

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