3Qs with Quaver Team Member: Meet Rob!

by Abby @ Quaver on July 9, 2012

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Things move pretty fast here at Quaver HQ!  Occasionally, Producer Steve Gilreath runs alongside someone on staff and asks them 3 Quick Questions. 

Today, meet Rob Wilbourn, Customer Service Representative.




Q1: That’s a great picture of you!  I like to say we’re getting to know the country, one flag at a time.  Explain what you’re doing here:

Rob: One of the many things I do around here is track the locations of teachers who are using our program.  Abby posts user locations on our website, but here at Quaver HQ, we have this cool map on the wall that is surrounded by letters from kids, written to Quaver.

I place a flag for each Quaver Program User or their related District if the district has 10 or more Quaver DVD kits in their schools.  It’s really cool to see how the Quaver World is rapidly expanding.

It’s a visual testament to the hard work our company puts into our program and how teachers and kids across the nation/world are loving QuaverMusic.com!


Q2: How would a teacher most often recognize you?

Rob: If I were reading this out loud, they might recognize my voice!  When someone calls into the Quaver HQ with a question, I’m the one they’ll likely speak with first.  I can help them with anything from purchasing procedure, technical issues or just talking about how QuaverMusic.com can benefit not only their classroom but how it will affect their students’ musical education experience for years to come. I love hearing from folks and helping them with whatever their needs may be!


Q3: Sure you sound like know what you are talking about, but that could be from a script!  Do you have a musical background?

Rob: My script is in my head. I draw from not only an intimate knowledge of our program, but I can recall information from and personal experience with, music and music education. I started playing drums as a young lad (4-5 yrs of age), starting formal education in grade school. I had FANTASTIC band directors all the way through college (North Texas State Univ.) and continue my education and pursuit of all things percussion to this day. I spent many years and miles playing as a professional touring drummer and can honestly say music has carried me around the WORLD! I still play professionally with a Grammy-award-winning producer/songwriter but I am focused and passionate about facilitating these opportunities for any child that wants to become a musician!


Keep up the great work, Rob!

If you want to talk to Rob in person, you can reach him via phone or email at Quaver HQ!

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1 Catie Dwinal July 9, 2012 at 9:04 am

Rob Rocks!!!


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