Qtorial: Introduction to QDancer!

by Abby @ Quaver on July 2, 2012

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Greetings and welcome to another Quaver Qtorial!
 This time we’ll take a whirl through QDancer, so grab your dancing shoes and come along to the Studio!

QDancer is a cool new creative at QuaverMusic.com where you can build a dance along with Quaver’s own music or custom tunes that you create.

There are two different styles of dance to choose from: ballet and hip-hop.  Choose one to get started!

For today’s Qtorial, let’s try Hip-Hop!  The dancer on the stage is yours to control.

Let’s get familiar with how to make your dancer move!

To the left of the stage are all the moves your dancer can make.  The moves are categorized into “Stationary” and “Traveling” moves – in Ballet, you’ll also see “Transitions” as an option.  Click on the heading of the move type you want to see a list of the moves it contains.  Each move has a button for “left” or “right” that you can toggle.  This changes the direction in which the dancer performs the move.  You can click on the move once to watch the dancer preview it on the stage.  When you find the perfect first move for your dancer, click and drag it to the timeline below the stage.

Dance along with us!

  1. Choose the Gainer move from the Traveling category, moving to the left. Why not start things off with dramatic flair?! See how the move snaps right into place? 
  2. Okay, now you can put lots of different moves together, but there are some rules.  For instance, notice that the “left” button on your Gainer move is now inactive- placing another move like that would make your dancer fall off the stage (and you might incur some hefty hospital bills).
  3. It’s more fun to dance with music, so click on the Play-Along button above the stage and choose either a song you’ve created or a pre-made Quaver Play-Along. Try Hip-Hop 1 for this routine! 
  4. Now press the play button in the top right corner and watch your dancer flip!

Now for the finishing touches!

Did you know you can change the background scenery, too?  There are buttons on the right side of the stage that will let you do that, and also change your dancer’s costume.  Finally, don’t forget to change your stage lighting.  To do that, click on either the overhead lights or the floor lights that are on the stage.  Pick a color from the color wheel, and then use the knob in the middle to control the brightness.  A light will stay on until you turn it off.  If you forget where you changed a light’s setting, look above the timeline for a light bulb icon and it will tell you where a lighting change occurs.

Once you’ve made the perfect dance, don’t forget to save it for later!  You might even practice the dance yourself and put on a concert for your friends!

Check out this Ballet Routine we choreographed in QDancer on our YouTube channel!

Have you tried QDancer yet? What do you think?

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