Note from Quaver: Year End Review

by Abby @ Quaver on June 11, 2012

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As we kick off the summer season, it seems like the perfect time to look back on our first school year!

Who better to reflect than Quaver himself?

Quaver’s Highlights for the 2011-2012 School Year:

Just one year ago, we launched Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music, releasing the project we worked on for years to the world at last. I think I can say it has surpassed our expectations, particularly in the amount that teachers and kids have enjoyed what we created.


Here are my highlights:

  • Visiting Vietnam: We had so much fun Skyping with Ms. Michel’s students from the Singapore International School at Saigon South. I always make up songs about the kids names when I Skype with a class, but I had a bit of trouble with the students’ Vietnamese names. Let’s just say it spelled trouble for me and hilarity for them! I can’t wait to Skype with more countries this year!
  • Texas-size Tears: This February, we got to return to the TMEA convention in San Antonio for the 2nd time. While I was in our booth, loads of teachers came up to me raving about Quaver’s Program in their classroom! This actually reduced me to tears as it made me realize that Quaver’s resources were making a difference and really serving teachers in the classroom.Texas was also the home of our first district to come on board with Quaver in all of their elementary schools this year. I can’t wait to head back to Cypress-Fairbanks for some in-service training this year!
  • Crowd Chaotics: Just last month we did a massive live show at Blandford Elementary School in Effingham, Georgia. I performed for my biggest crowd yet – over 800 kids!  They were all chanting “QUAVER, QUAVER” before the show which was a bizarre experience for me. Don’t worry, it won’t go to my head. My team brought me back down to earth in the van on the way home.
  • Webinarzzzzz: This Spring we also started broadcasting Live Webinars every other week. We had to be up and ready to go at 5:30am on Webinar days! Not sure if that is a highlight or not, but it sure is fun!

It has been a really great journey already, but we feel like we’re just getting out off the starting blocks.

So, what’s happening in the next year?

Quaver is developing in 3 big ways.

  1. We’re working on a BIG new area focused on standards of singing, solfege, and recorders with really cool music to enjoy.
  2. We’re developing online assessments for the Teacher Admin Panel that will automatically upload a score into a teachers grade book.
  3. We’re converting our activities and IWBs into 4 levels so teachers can search for and select activities for all of the different age levels they are teaching.

This of course is not all we will be doing! Oh no, there will still be loads of new content on the kids website, new funky IWBs (watch out for Fur-cussion! coming soon), more venues, more creativity, more fun, and more kids learning to love music!

So thanks to everyone for using Quaver in your classroom,
and here’s to another exciting year!



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