Summer Fun with Quaver!

by Abby @ Quaver on June 4, 2012

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To kick off the summer, we’re featuring our friend Sami Cone and her Summer Fun with Quaver series!

Sami is a Nashville mom of 2 looking to keep her kids learning throughout the summer months. She’s using Quaver’s Program at home for a fun summer of music. We’ll be sharing her experiences as she blogs them over at her place.

But first, Meet Sami!

As a wife, blogger & mom who has never done any home educating, my ideas for how to structure FUN summer learning didn’t go anywhere fast.

So you may be wondering why, on the last day of school, I’m already planning summer learning activities. This was my first year of having two kids in school full time, so this summer will be different than any other in that the kids aren’t used to being home all day anymore.

Here’s what I wanted for the kids this summer:
  • More practice on the computer
  • To introduce them to the piano
  • To give them some tennis lessons

Immediately, I realized I could accomplish two of the three with just one program: Quaver!

I was lucky enough to be one of the first to be introduced to Quaver’s Program and through their Quaver Advisory Council a year and a half ago. After helping the Quaver team with preliminary research and vetting ideas for the program, the kids and I watched all the DVDs when I got home. Unfortunately, I’ve never done much more than that. :(
But it dawned on me that not only has Quaver already come up with great lesson plans to go along with the DVDs, but has fun AND educational games that both supplement what they’re learning on the DVDs while also teaching them unique musical activities on the computer!

So every week this summer, I’ll be going through different Quaver lessons with my kids and showing you how you can do the same thing with your family . . . even if you don’t have the DVDs! 

So come join me over on every Monday through the end of July. Today we’re studying Beat and Meter!

What do you hope your kids will learn by the end of the summer?

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