World Music Spotlight: Aerophones

by Abby @ Quaver on May 24, 2012

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Hip Hip Hooray! Our friend and percussion expert Vinay is back again!

If you missed his last post, be sure to catch up on Lamellaphones here!

Vinay is here to give us an expert spotlight on Aerophones!


Take it away, Vinay!

Like Quaver explained in Monday’s post, Aerophones can be defined as any instrument that produces sound by causing a body of air to vibrate without the assistance of strings or membranes.  Aerophones in the percussion world are classified by air vibrating on the inside and outside of an instrument.  Examples of percussion Aerophones are the bullroarer, whip, siren, and any sort of whistle.

An Aerophone can also be a “wind” instrument, such as the trumpet or clarinet.  These Aerophones are classified in a separate group of instruments with air vibration contained inside the instrument!

Interesting Uses of Aerophones!

Aerophones that many professional percussionists typically possess are found all throughout the music world, from cartoon shows, music recordings, orchestral music, TV commercials, movie music, and more!

One of my favorite memories of playing an Aerophone comes from my high school days. I was playing percussion in the pit orchestra of a musical entitled “The King and I.” At one point in the musical,we needed to mimic the sound of fireworks going off on the stage. To do this we used a tubed whip by spinning it above our heads.

I love this video of Quaver (and some other funny characters) introducing another unusual Aerophone – the bulb horn! Check it out!

Visit Quaver’s World Music today to see the rest and learn more about cool Aerophones like the bulb horn!

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