World Music Qtorial: Lamellaphones & Reggae!

by Abby @ Quaver on May 7, 2012

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Welcome back to Quaver’s World Music Month – where we are digging into a different category of World Percussion Instruments every week of May!

On Mondays this month, Quaver will be giving you a quick Qtorial project to try in the classroom. This week is all about LAMELLAPHONES! Check it out . . .


Quaver Says:

I’m kicking off World Music Month with one of the most unusual categories of instruments . . . Lamellaphones!

I learned loads about Lamellaphones while we were creating these resources for! Did you know . . .

A Lamellaphone is any instrument with a vibrating tongue or plate. 

In our World Music area at we have highlighted the Marimbula – a really cool instrument with metal plates and resonating box. Find our Lamellaphone resources here:

  • Sign into your account.
  • Hop the School Bus to your Online Quaver Classroom Lobby.
  • Click on the Quaver’s World Music logo in the top right corner.
  • Click LAMELLAPHONES in the bottom menu and start exploring!
  • Now click the HOW TO button to see me use a school ruler to make a Lamellaphone style sound!

After watching the video, why not try this cool project with your class?

Create your very own Lamellaphone Reggae band!

Use different length rulers with class chairs or a long table to create different pitches by twanging rulers.

  • I used a standard ruler from an office supply store.
  • Press your hand where the ruler leaves the table or chair to create a very reasonable pitch.
  • The beauty of using a ruler is that you can perfectly set it at different lengths for different pitches – and VOILA you have created a ruler Lamellaphone.

Now to make a piece of music with your new instrument!

Split your class into 4 groups:

  • Group 1: Students set their Ruler Lamellaphones to pitch C (6 inches over the chair/table edge)
  • Group 2: Students set their Ruler Lamellaphones to pitch G (4 1/2 inches over the chair/table edge)
  • Group 3: Students with Orff instruments playing the chord of C
  • Group 4: Student Singers or Recorder Players
  1. Have groups 1 and 2 find and mark with tape notes C and G on their ruler Lamellaphone.
  2. Have group 1 play quarter note C’s on beats 1 and 2 to a steady beat.
  3. Have group 2 play quarter note G’s on beats 3 and 4 to a steady beat.
  4. Practice groups 1 and 2 alternating so you have a solid foundation to your piece.
  5. Have Group 3 play eighth note C chords on beat 2 and a quarter note C chord on beat 4 . This should create a Reggae feel for your song.
  6. Have Group 4 create simple words and melody to go along with this backing music (such as, “Lis-ten to our Lamellaphone Reggae”), or create a very simple recorder melody around a chord of C.
  7. Put it all together and BOOM CHICKA BOOM the Master Plan is complete.

To enter to win our month-long contest for the Quaver DVD of your choice – try this with your class and tell us how it goes in the comments! If you’re able to record it – email your recording to!

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