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by Abby @ Quaver on May 3, 2012

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A World (Music) Tour!

As we dive into the depths of Quaver’s World Music Month – we wanted to make sure to highlight all of the features in this exciting new area of QuaverMusic.com!

How to get there:

  • Sign into your QuaverMusic.com account.
  • Hop the School Bus to your Online Quaver Classroom Lobby.
  • Click on the Quaver’s World Music logo in the top right corner and away we go!
  • If you aren’t able to access the Online Quaver Classrooms via the Bus Stop at QuaverMusic.com:
    • Quaver’s World Music is FREE with any Online Quaver Classroom Access!
    • You can sign up for a free preview at QuaverMusic.com/Preview. The Access Code you receive will give you a Sneak Peek of Quaver’s World Music as well! Details in this post.
    • Or you can purchase any Online Quaver Classroom for just $8 a year and get Quaver’s World Music included!

How to navigate the World:

You can explore Quaver’s World Music in one of two ways:

  • Click on a continent to view all the instruments featured from each area of the world. Zoom in on the continent and then choose any instrument to find out more!


  • Click on the labels at the bottom of the map to explore by instrument categories. These categories group instruments by the way sound is created! Learn about the category at large and then click on any instrument to go deeper!

How to explore each instrument:

We’re starting with Percussion instruments in Quaver’s World Music, and what an exciting place to start!

For each of the 10 percussion instruments now on the site, you will find:

  • Location of Origin: An animated map points the way to the first place each instrument was built and played.
  • Sound Example: While exploring each instrument, students will hear the instrument played – reinforcing the connections they make while learning!
  • Video Introduction: Quaver dons costumes, accents, and more to introduce each instrument in his own unique way. Each introduction covers the family, history and country or origin along with a description of the instrument, how it’s made, and how it produces sound!
  • 360-degree view: You may not have all 10 of these eclectic percussion instruments in your classroom – but that’s okay! With our 360-degree view, you can see what a real one looks like from every possible angle!
  • How to Play Videos: Quaver breaks down the techniques for playing each instrument. Where applicable, we’ve created a separate video for each technique, so that teachers can teach individual techniques at the pace that’s right for their class.
  • Challenges: For each instrument, we’ve created three levels of challenges for your students. Each challenge – Easy, Medium, and Hard – is performed via video by Quaver’s friend Vinay who “studies drum set and percussion at university!” After your students have tried to recreate the short rhythm, you can click to reveal a musical map for what they just played!

Packed with over 40 minutes of free video, Quaver’s World Music is a great peek into the Marvelous World of Music at QuaverMusic.com.

Check it out today and let us know what you think!

Next week – we examine Lamellaphones!

To enter to win our month-long contest for the Quaver DVD of your choice – visit Quaver’s World Music and tell us:

How many instruments are featured in the Membranophones category? Which is your favorite?

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