April Updates to QuaverMusic.com – Part II!

by Abby @ Quaver on April 24, 2012

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Remember last week when we went a little crazy rolling out lots of new website features at once?

Well, the truth is, that wasn’t even everything we added!

Now, for your teaching pleasure, I’d like to highlight the rest of April’s Update – features just for teachers at QuaverMusic.com!


Quaver’s World Music!

Have you checked out Quaver’s World Music yet? This awesome exploration of Percussion instruments from around the world is now open to visitors in the lobby of your Online Quaver Classrooms!

Explore 10 of the world’s most fascinating percussion instruments by continent of origin or by class categories. We’ve got chordaphones, lamellaphones, idiophones, aerophones, and membranophones from Africa, Europe, North and South America!

Quaver’s World Music features over 40 minutes of new video, a 360-degree view of each instrument, and three levels of challenges from Quaver’s percussion experts! Find it in the Online Quaver Classroom Lobby today!

Join us here on the blog for the month of May as we explore Quaver’s World Music more fully! Teach along with Quaver and other experts in this exciting tour of the percussion world during Quaver’s World Music Month!

New Composer Boards!

Visit your Music History Unit Classrooms to find our brand new Composer Interactive Whiteboard Activities.

Take students into the minds, times, and music of Beethoven, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, and Debussy! Each Composer Board includes an interactive bust of the composer, a timeline of his life, a map of where he lived, playable compositions, and a quiz!

Bring these composers to life in your classroom today!

New Extra Credit Worksheets!

Take your lessons to the next level with Extra Credit materials now in every Online Quaver Classroom. Go hands-on with materials for timelines and other cross-curricular projects!


Have you tried any of these new features yet?

How did your students respond?

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