QuaverMusic.com Tech Help: Keeping your Browser & Flash Player Up to Date

by Abby @ Quaver on April 23, 2012

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Website Coordinator Jeremy Ruff here to help you troubleshoot any issues with your Flash Player or browser and QuaverMusic.com!

As www.QuaverMusic.com demonstrates, it’s possible to do so much more on the internet now than it was even a few years ago.  Technology moves at such a rapid pace that it is difficult to keep up with it.  And yet, the tools we use more and more every day rely on that technology being constantly up to date.  Software that is not updated regularly can cause erratic behavior and even prevent some sites from working at all.

Let me show you some resources to help you troubleshoot problems or otherwise keep your QuaverMusic.com experience moving at an even tempo.

The first thing to consider is your browser.

This is the program you use to access the internet.  The most popular browsers today are Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Most modern browsers will warn you when there is a new version available.  Firefox will open a new tab to tell you, and Chrome will put a wrench with a small upgrade icon in the toolbar.  

The important thing is to not ignore these warnings!  Browsers are updated for a slew of reasons other than just to keep things running smoothly.  Large browser companies are fixing security vulnerabilities in their updates about every few months these days, so updating is worth more than simply increasing performance.  Usually all this requires is pressing an update button in the alert box, or choosing “Check for Updates” from the File menu.

If you have doubts about whether your browser is the latest and greatest, there’s no harm in downloading the newest version:


You’ll also want to keep your Flash Player up to date!

QuaverMusic.com is a Flash-based website, which means that it will not yet run on iOS devices.  It also means that you should always try to have the latest version of Flash Player installed for the best experience.

Don’t worry – it’s very easy to update Flash on your computer:

  • If you run Chrome as your browser, Flash is packaged as part of every update, so you are already running the latest version!
  • If you use any other browser, you can go to www.adobe.com/software/flash/about to see both your current version and the newest version available.
  • If you are running older operating systems (OSX 10.5 or earlier, or Windows XP), you may not be able to update to the latest Flash version.  We require a minimum of Flash 10.1, so as long as your version is at least that high you should be able to run QuaverMusic.com without any issues.

So take some time today to double-check your browser and Flash players.

We want to make sure your QuaverMusic.com experience is the best it can possibly be from your home or classroom computer!

Any questions? Let us know!

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