Music Matters: Ear Training for the Quaver Team!

by Abby @ Quaver on April 19, 2012

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We are excited to welcome back Quaver team-member Fred Laughlin to give you some valuable insight on how we seek to listen to YOU!

Luckily, These Won't be Necessary!

Active Listening: Training our Ear to the Qmunity


Perhaps you have heard the expression “it’s often easier to get good than to stay good.”

Indeed, there are numerous examples of companies achieving a high level of success early in their development only to slip into obscurity later in their lifespan.

During our first year at, we have received a steady stream of positive responses from our music teachers who have purchased a kit, unit, or a single DVD. What we like to call our “Qmunity” of teachers grows daily and with it the flow of wonderful testimonies and even awards from prestigious magazines and bloggers. We are, of course, delighted. We knew that Quaver’s Program was something special and the early flood of encouraging comments from teachers and their kids confirms it.

But as pleased as we are with the initial response to Quaver, we have no intention of resting on our laurels.

We know we must continually find new ways to serve teachers and parents as they help their kids learn to love music.

To us staying good means honoring our commitment to keep Quaver current and fresh by developing additions and refinements to our resources at Two weeks ago, for example, we released QDancer, where kids can program their own ballet or hip hop dance routines, and EarIQ, a cool carnival of ear-training games, which helps kids develop aural skills. We also added a Showtunes Venue as well as more loops to the QGrooves program. In another two weeks, we will roll out more interactive games, IWB applications, and upgrades. And it just keeps going from there with projected releases in May, June, July, and beyond . . . but you get the picture.

So where do we get our ideas for keeping the Quaver Program current and fresh?

In addition to having a super creative team of developers, we have a group of music teachers from around the country who comprise what we call the Quaver Advisory Council (QAC). These QACers have been advising us for 18 months, suggesting enhancements to the Program, and testing them in the early stages. Yet perhaps the greatest source of ideas comes from our customers.

  • From Arizona, we were asked us to develop an IWB exercise for Kindergarteners. Coming right up!
  • A Chicago teacher suggested a quiz about composers. Introducing Composer Boards – which are now on live in Online Quaver Classrooms.
  • A Texas teacher requested a tool for assignments and assessments. Our Teacher Admin Panel will be released next month.

Of course, we can’t act on every request for new tools and applications, but we want to stay active in our listening and quick to respond with an answer.

Just as ear training is an important part of good music education, so too is ear training a critical part of serving our customers. Our base grows daily and with it the challenge of listening to a wider audience and demonstrating our commitment to “stay good.”

Keep those ideas coming, Qmunity, even in the comments to this post! We hear you!

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