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by Abby @ Quaver on April 10, 2012

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One of the greatest things about QuaverMusic.com is that it’s constantly changing and growing!

We’re adding new things all the time and THIS blog is a great place to find out about them!

We pushed a FLOOD of new features to the site last week – have you had a chance to try any of these?


Introducing QDancer!

See your musical compositions come to life with your own choreographed dances in our brand new QDancer Creative.

Arrange your own Ballet & Hip-Hop performances by choosing the music, lighting, wardrobe, scenery and choreography for your dance routine!

Start dancing in Quaver’s Studio today!


New Loop Packs Available!

Visit the Studio to check out brand new Hip-Hop and Electro Loops in QGrooves!

For each of these new styles we’ve added 5 new Instrument Loop Packs. Now you can bring a whole new flavor to your musical creations, starting at just 25 QuaverNotes.

Give them a spin!


Explore EarIQ!

Step up and win a prize in Quaver’s Ear-Training Arena – EarIQ.

Train your ear to distinguish Pitch, Interval, and Chord variations in these fun fairground-style games! Dunk a barber-shop trio by identifying the correct chord! See the clowns pitch higher and lower! Win a medal for your awards case when you sink the ball in the correct interval!

Click on the Organ in Quaver’s Laboratory to find the hidden world of EarIQ!


QDo’s Available for All Accounts – For a Limited Time!

We’d like everyone to get a taste for the teaching power of QDo’s, so we’re making these instructional tidbits free to everyone for a short time!

QDo’s give users step-by-step instructions for accomplishing small, interactive tasks in Quaver’s Studio Creatives. It’s hands-on learning at your own speed. Each creative has at least 10 QDo’s and walks users through simple composition tasks. Great for short, in-class or at-home assignments, QDo’s are a crucial tool for teachers using Quaver’s Program in their classroom.

See what you can do with a QDo today! FILE > OPEN > QDo’s tab in any of Quaver’s Studio Creatives.

Showtunes Venue Live!

It’s showtime in Quaver’s newest venue! Head to New York City’s famous Broadway for all things Showtunes!

From Cats to Oklahoma – Quaver’s got everything you need to tell the story of showtunes in song! For just 5 Quavernotes, you can learn about the history of the musical, listen to Quaver’s original showtunes, and be transported to the brightest stage there is  – on Broadway!

Hop on the Metro to Quaver’s Showtunes Venue today!

Wow! That’s a lot of new stuff! If you reached the bottom of this post then you get a bonus  . . .

Hidden Game!
There’s a new mini-game hiding somewhere in QuaverMusic.com, waiting for you to ring up a big score. Check the awards case in your Music Room for a clue!

PLUS there’s even more new for teachers in the Online Quaver Classrooms! We’ll update you on those in the coming weeks. Find more details on these changes and updates anytime at QuaverMusic.com/SiteUpdates.


What do you – and your students – think of these new features?

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