Qtorial 16: Using QDos!

by Abby @ Quaver on April 9, 2012

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In today’s Qtorial – our bi-weekly series of lesson & activity ideas from Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music – Quaver turns our attention to a new feature on QuaverMusic.com.

 Qtorial 16: Using QDos in Quaver’s Creatives!


It’s a really busy and exciting time at Quaver HQ, so today you are going to have to join me in getting some work done. Yes, you heard me, WORK.

Be sure to dig into my latest webinar all about QDos!

Say it with me now – The letter Q. The verb Do. Put it together and you get a “QDo.” Fun to say and fun to do!

It didn’t take us long to realize that busy teachers needed access to more bite-sized chunks of QuaverMusic.com. It’s a bit overwhelming to log in for the first time, see ALL the resources available, and not know where to start, let along how to introduce the site to students. Instead of just throwing you in the deep end and saying, “Do Something!” we’ve built QDos to help teachers AND students find their footing in our Studio Creatives.

So what are QDos?

QDos are 4 to 8 measure challenges in each of our Quaver creatives – QBackbeat, QComposer, QStrum, and QGrooves – that students can complete in 15-30 minutes in class, in the computer lab, or at home.

QDos are primarily teaching students to compose music, to create their own music within simple parameters. When I was teaching I found it was far better teaching composition within a structure (particularly with younger kids) than just letting them go free form!! And that’s what QDos . . . do.

There are already at least 10 QDo challenges in each Studio Creative, and they level up starting with Level 1-01 all the way through Level 1-10, the hardest of that level. We are already planning for Level 2 QDos down the road!

Each QDo comes with audio and typed instructions and has 3 steps: Listen, Copy and Create.

  • Step 1 – Listen: Prompts the student to listen to the QDo backing track
  • Step 2 – Copy: Instructs the student to copy our suggested notes, loops, or strums into the creative to fit with the backing.
  • Step 3 – Create: Now it’s the student’s chance to replace loops or notes with their own choices and start composing – Which is the whole purpose of QDos!

SO here’s your homework:

  • Go to QuaverMusic.com, click on Quaver’s Studio, and open QGrooves
  • Click on the FILE icon and click OPEN
  • Click on the QDo Tab
  • Select QDo No 1 One Track – Keyboard C Loops and complete it
  • Play around not only with adding one track, but add some more tracks to complete the piece. In playing around with it you will realize all of the extended possibilities there are for the various levels of students in your classes.

Here’s homework number 2! Surprise, double homework!

Join me on April 17th 7:30/6:30CST for Quaver’s Live Webinar on QDos, complete with questions, comments, coffee, and donuts, and let’s explore the whole thing together!!

Don’t fret- if you miss the Webinar live, you can watch the replay anytime on the Quaver Ustream Channel!

Boom Chicka Boom

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