Behind-the-Scenes: Introducing EarIQ

by Abby @ Quaver on April 5, 2012

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Abby here. And I just have to say – I love behind-the-scenes days on the blog!

Today I get to introduce you to the super awesome Chris TeBos. I think I’ll let him take it from here . . .


Aww yeah . .  my first blog post!

Ok, first off, let me start by introducing myself. Sup, I’m Chris TeBos, I’m an artist for, and I’ve created artwork for some of those cool games, creatives, and many other things seen all around!

You never know what you’re getting into when you start a project here at! To give you a taste of the crazy creative process, I thought I’d tell you the story of my latest project and an awesome new area on the site. Sit back, relax, and enjoy . . .

The Creation of EarIQ . . . It’s ALIIIIIVE!

So one day, I was working all diligently at my desk creating something awesome (like usual!) when I was called into a meeting with Quaver himself, several other artists, and a few programmers. We were given the task to create something called EarIQ. It was very mysterious, almost like a secret mission.

All we knew was that EarIQ would live in the ominous organ in Quaver’s laboratory, and that it would be a game of Aural Training, to help train and test a student’s ear to identify all kinds of variations in music, like pitch, intervals, chords, etc.

With our mission in hand, we began to brainstorm:

How would we combine all these skills into one game? It seemed impossible! We decided, instead, it should be a collection of mini-games, each testing a different element of ear-training. First off, we decided to use characters from Quaver’s DVDs throughout the mini-games and to create an Arena of sorts as a final ear-training test.

So I started creating the graphics needed for the game.  

We had a few games created and had a few versions dummied up with our DVD characters, but pretty soon we all realized that something just wasn’t clicking. Honestly: the game just wasn’t very much fun.

We knew the FUN factor was super important, so we did a lot of thinking on a theme – something to tie these games together and make them fun for students and teachers! We decided to go with a fair theme and model each of the elements of EarIQ after favorite games from the fair.

Sometimes you have to take a step backwards to move forwards in the creative process, but from there EarIQ really began to take off.

Things were starting to come together, and I began to create new art for our Fairgrounds theme!

Check out the before and afters below:

Our Pitch Game went . . .

Our Intervals Game went . . .

Our Chords Game went . . .


But how were we going to fit a whole Fairgrounds in Quaver’s Laboratory?

We always knew that to get to EarIQ the user would click on the organ in the Quaver’s Lab. The Quaver team had worked on the layout of for years, and the ear-training elements had to stay put there! If you check it out today, you’ll see the organ rises up and reveals a hidden tunnel! This secret passageway transports the player to the EarIQ fairgrounds for loads of ear-training fun. That was a creative idea that I think really turned out awesome!


So that’s a bit of the story behind how EarIQ came to be. Check it out in Quaver’s Lab today for a great way to drive home ear-training skills!

There’s more EarIQ goodness coming so stay tuned! Next time, we’ll dig into how each game works and how they teach various elements of Aural Training – Pitch, Chords, and Intervals!


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