A Note from Quaver: Top 5 Hits!

by Abby @ Quaver on March 26, 2012

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Quaver’s here today – opening the vault to share with you the 5 most popular bits of the Quaver Program – as selected by teachers and students like you!



When we first released Quaver’s Program to the public last year, we had no idea which parts would catch on and become true fan favorites. After spending so long developing all the pieces, it’s really fun to be reminded of the little things that students love and teachers want to use in the classroom every day!

We get notes from teacher’s all the time telling us what their classrooms rank as favorites – so we’ve compiled a Master List!

Drumroll please . . .

Here they are . . .

The Top 5 Hits in Quaver’s Program!

Number 5: Quaver’s Strong and Weak Beats

Yes, it’s the first episode most teachers watch, and it continues to be a favorite as they continue. The strong and weak beat animation has been a real hit. Every time we are sent letters at Quaver HQ there are loads of drawn versions of those characters! The Beat song from Episode 1 has been pretty popular as well!

Number 4: Tempo Bounce IWB

This interactive whiteboard activity was only released to your Online Quaver Classrooms a few weeks ago, but it has already reached an epic rating in many classrooms. Particularly the “Try bouncing on the trampoline with a plate of beans and bread song.” Check out this IWB in the Tempo Classroom today!

Number 3: QAstroNotes Mini-Game

Our most popular QArcade mini game, QAstroMotes takes me back to the 80’s when I used to play video games. Even kids who weren’t born in the 80s LOVE IT! We use the model of this old Astroid type game to blast whole notes into half notes, half notes into quarter notes, and so on, teaching kids note durations via an outer-space adventure! Check out our behind-the-scenes tips from QAstroNotes programmer Adam here!

Number 2: The Quaver Shower Song

Hidden away in the far reaches of the Quaver World, this student favorite lives in the Baroque Classroom, music track no. 17. It’s a truly ridiculous song about making sure the water is hot when you get in the shower. I first realized it was popular when we Skyped with a school and the teacher asked if all of the pupils could sing it to me. They did in full English accents. It was so COOL!

Number 1: Winston Churchill Story

Definitely coming in at No 1 is the short story about Winston Churchill  in the Lines and Spaces episode. We have heard numerous stories of how kids are quoting Churchill’s “Never, Never, Never Give up” not only in music but in English and science much to their teachers puzzlement.

We were Skyping with another school recently and a lovely, sweet, blond-haired girl came to the front  of the room – hunched her shoulders, puffed out her cheeks and said in her gruffest, best Winston Churchill accent “Never, Never, Never Give up” then skipped back to her seat. In fact, I just performed in a school and the whole school of 500 kids quoted it to me. So this is DEFINITELY number 1 among students for now. Thanks to Winston!


That’s the top 5 for now!

Tell us in the comments what your students love, or what tools you keep returning to use again and again!



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