Where in the U.S. is Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music?

by Abby @ Quaver on March 19, 2012

in At Quaver HQ,In the Quaver Classroom!

As the master of Facebook, Twitter, our QuaverQmunity, and the QuaverMusicBlog – I have the great privilege of talking to LOTS of teachers.

Teachers from New Hampshire to California, from Oklahoma to Washington D.C., from North Dakota to right here in our backyard – Nashville, Tennessee.

As Quaver’s resources find a home in more and more music classrooms around the country, we thought it would be fun to keep track of where Quaver’s Program is being used!

Introducing: An Interactive Quaver Customer Map

Check out what this map can do:

  • Scroll through the names in the right sidebar to see the 10 most recent additions to the Quaver Family.
  • Click on any state to see green Quaver Qs in all the cities where Quaver’s Program is being used.
  • Click on a city’s Q or the name of the city in the right sidebar to find out what schools and districts are using Quaver in their classroom.
  • Visit QuaverQmunity.com to meet and share ideas with other Quaver Teachers!
  • Watch for hours as the ticker at the bottom of the map scrolls through EVERYWHERE Quaver’s Program is in action in the whole United States!

Just kidding on that last one –  although it would take you a while to read them all! I’d like to extend a special thank you to Adam and the programming team that made this fun, interactive project a reality. There seems to be no end to the talent here at Quaver HQ!

Here’s a closer look at just one state – granted, it’s a big one – Texas:

Next up we’ll be adding other countries – as Quaver continues in his quest to take over the Music Education World :)

Is your school or city already on the Quaver map? Click here to visit the map on our Parent/Teacher Website!

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