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by Abby @ Quaver on February 2, 2012

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As we travel the country and set up our massive Quaver booth at conventions from Tampa to Timbukto, we talk to a lot of music teachers. And one thing all these teachers have in common, besides being awesome, is the very small budgets they are typically given.

Because of this lack of superfluous funding, after hearing about Quaver and getting to know our resources, we hear a lot of teachers say:

“I’m definitely going to write a grant for this when I get home!”

If you’ve been thinking the same thing, then have we got a treat for you.

Introducing the updated, improved, and all around awesome:!


We’ve worked hard to provide you with everything you need to:

  • Sample Grants – Browse successful grant applications for Quaver’s Program, even outside of Music Education (think Technology, Cross-Curricular, and more!).
  • Build a Grant Application – Language provided to answer common grant questions and some big ideas to help your application stand out!
  • Find a Grant for You – Where to look, Best Practices, and Active Grants to Apply for now!

In fact, we just discovered this grant and would love to share it with you all:

Muzak Heart and Soul Foundation – Music Matters Grants

The Muzak Heart & Soul Foundation’s mission is to support music education.  Through music education, a child can better achieve his/her full potential and stimulate personal and educational growth.

Music Matters Grants for 2012 will focus on financial need in school and non-profit music programs throughout the United States. Grants will be awarded in April of 2012, with funds distributed by the end of 2012. Grant amounts for this cycle are up to $6,000 each and are made on an annual one-time basis.

For more information, and an application already started with information on Quaver’s Program, click here! It’s due February 17th so don’t delay!

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more grants to share with you! Let us know what you think of our Grant Resources, and good luck!

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