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by Abby @ Quaver on January 26, 2012

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Quaver co-creator Dave Mastran is back today with a little insight into the future of Quaver technology!

Take it away, Dave!


Everyone is asking us about iPads.

How will adapt to this technology?

More and more schools are acquiring iPads because they are “cool.” However, there currently isn’t much content available for the iPad geared for use in music education.

But don’t worry — help is on the way!

The team has already begun converting our Interactive Whiteboard Activities to the iPad format. It actually is fairly easy to do! We can also convert the Musical Style Venues and Historical Venues to the iPad. QArcade mini-games are also on the way, as are some new micro games we’re building specifically for this platform! We are excited to be able to develop apps for the iPad that teachers can really use in the classroom.

Those apps that are converted from Interactive Whiteboard Activities will be included as part of the annual license fee. We will allow users with the license to log into our Online Quaver Classrooms from the iPad the same way they do online. For those apps derived from premium content on, we may charge a fee for downloads so that the user can own the app.

We will not, however, be putting the entirety of on the iPad – the website is just too large and involved for the kind of user-experience the iPad demands! But we can and will make components of available, specifically those that make the most of the amazing touch screen technology that the iPad offers.

All of these apps will be available on Android Tablets as well, and we’ll even have some apps for the iPhone and Android mobile phones. We are working on a two-person game that will be lots of fun to play student vs. student or even student vs. teacher!

So stay alert – this summer you will start seeing Quaver Music apps available on mobile devices!

We are committed to meeting your needs, and would love to know if your school is considering bringing iPads into the music classroom.

Share your experience, concerns, and iPad technology needs in the comments below!


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1 Cindy Austin January 26, 2012 at 12:10 pm

Many music teachers are thinking the exact same way! I am getting an iPad at TMEA next week because there are several workshops offered/devoted just to iPad technology for music educators! My colleagues and students ask me questions about iPad apps all the time; they send me links to great app sites like – 1300 apps for educators and games like Joytunes – that kids can access at home. I think that great music teachers should be in the know because parents, students and colleagues alike ask for our opinion and input. Maybe it’s just because I hate being left out or, as my kids say, I’m a techno groupie but as a life long learner I WANT TO KNOW!

In an economy where spending cuts are rampant, especially in the area of fine arts, I doubt whether I will have iPads (plural) in my class but you can bet I will have one in the music room very soon! And, should my school be fortunate enough to have iPads in a lab or on a mobile cart, my students will already be familiar with the music technology they possess… many of them already know far more than I do – making me the student and letting them be the teacher!

I’ve been asked, because of my music and technology passions, to participate in a marketing study group geared towards music educators so app developers can better gear technology to the needs of teachers and their students. Thanks to what I’ve experienced with QMWoM and the ways in which they have inspired me to continual growth I am ready to welcome this new chapter in 21st century music education!

Thanks, Dave, for helping us be 21st century teachers!


2 Abby @ Quaver January 27, 2012 at 2:15 pm

So grateful for your input and support Cindy!


3 Shawna Sabransky January 26, 2012 at 11:57 pm

Hi Dave,

Just met your team at IMEA tonight, and picked up my new Quaver materials! Can’t wait to get home and try them out. As an elementary music teacher with access to a class set of iPads, I am eagerly looking forward to seeing Quaver available for use on them. Many of my students use iPads or iPod Touches at home, too. I love that the kids can use the iPads not only to receive content, but to create content, and it would be great to see the composing elements of Quaver available for iPad.
Have you thought about putting the videos, previews, and introductory materials on your site currently into HTML5? That way, educators who may just even be browsing on an iPad can see easily.
Keep up the great work!


4 Abby @ Quaver January 27, 2012 at 2:15 pm

They loved meeting you Shawna! Thanks for your input, we look forward to learning more from you!


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