3Qs with Quaver: Quaver Skyping In!

by Abby @ Quaver on January 23, 2012

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Quaver’s always on the move and hard to catch standing still! Once a week, Program Producer Steve Gilreath runs along side Graham Hepburn (aka Quaver) to ask him 3 Quick Questions!



Today is all about:

Quaver Skyping In!




Q1: I know you don’t spend all of your time in the studio. How do you feel about visiting schools around the country?

Quaver: I have always loved performing, both as myself and as Quaver! I actually used to have a solo comedy show in the UK! Nothing beats traveling around the country, meeting teachers and kids, and bringing a dose of musical Quaver fun to their classrooms! Performing is my favorite part of being Quaver, and over time I hope to do more, bigger and better shows.


Q2: There’s probably no such thing as a ‘typical’ Quaver live show in a school, but what can a teacher expect to see during your visit?

Quaver: When I visit a school, either in person or via Skype, it’s like bringing the Quaver DVDs to life! I always bring my piano, and play a lot for the audience. I often play Rachmaninov’s C# Minor Prelude as it is great for students to see an instrument played at a high level.

I also tell stories, teach them songs, demonstrate funky dances, and do a lot of improvised stuff to do with music. The kids have a great time and so do I! I will always ask the teacher what subject they are covering and then do a Quaverised lesson based on that content. I want to leave kids and teachers smiling and ready to dig deeper into music when I’m gone!


Q3: “Kid’s Say the Darndest Things” is the name of a famous old TV show. Can you think of any moments during a school visit that might fit that bill, maybe where things didn’t go exactly as planned?

Quaver: There are too many to mention! Once I was running around a school classroom in a pair of shoes with very little grip, and I slipped straight into the kids on the front row! The students found it really funny, and fortunately no one was hurt! Younger students especially ask pretty random questions in the middle of a show – like:

“Quaver do you have a rat?”

Very strange.

Another time, I asked a classroom of students where they went on vacation and one kid told me “Wal-Mart.” Maybe it’s just me, but I can think of better destinations!

As any teacher knows, this is par for the course in the great world of working with children!  I would love to come visit your school or Skype this year!

Teachers interested in setting up a Skype or school visit with Quaver should contact our customer service department. You can find more details on what happens during a Skype visit here!

Boom Chicka Boom!

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