On the Set with Quaver: A Producer’s Perspective Part II

by Abby @ Quaver on January 12, 2012

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Hannah as Gwenda!

Quaver producer Hannah Alley is back with more from the Quaver set!

She’s taking us behind-the-scenes of her job and on the set with Quaver as he films video shorts for QuaverMusic.com!

Take it away, Hannah!




As you can imagine, it’s quite a long and involved process to go from basic idea to finished video product. When I left you last week, we had a finished script, but that’s just the beginning!

Once the script is approved, it’s on to the studio.

At QuaverMusic HQ, we are lucky to have studio that has both a green screen and a partial set from our DVD episodes built out for the various Quaver shoots. On the Quaver team we have lighting designers, audio engineers, video editors, cameramen, photographers, graphic designers and many others who all must work together to create the great video we produce!

It truly takes ALL these folks and more to get the job done right! With the help of an assistant or intern, I set out to find, build, and gather the various props and costumes Quaver will use and wear during the shoots. Here are just a few, fun examples:

  • Last month, I burned, stained, and practically destroyed a Quaver T-shirt on my stove for Quaver’s “stranded on a desert island” look.
  • One of our graphic designers created a giant storybook from scratch for Grandpa Quaver to read from.
  • Production assistants have tested what chewing gum combinations create the largest bubbles.
  • We’ve thrown tomatoes at glass doors.
  • We’ve hunted all over Nashville for lollipops, feathers, teddy bears, airplanes, beach chairs, confetti, cupcake icing, glow in the dark mini-aliens, coconuts, miniature doughnuts, pictures of llamas, over-sized mustacheswhat crazy stuff will we need next?!
  • In one especially wild day, audio engineers tossed fish, tambourines, peanuts, boomwackers, birds, and even an English phone box to Quaver while he delivered his lines, perfectly, and tossed them off-screen to a camera man – ALL IN ONE TAKE!

Need proof of that last one? Check out the video here!

Sometimes, the script calls for additional talent, and we all get to join the fun!

Chris and Hannah lend their acting skills!

We like to keep it in the company, so we’ve recruited our Quaver Road Warriors from the Marketing Team, sons of employees, interns, even Audio Engineers to act in our skits. I’ve been on screen, too, not only as Gwenda in the Classical Episode, but additional characters as well!

No two days are the same at Quaver, and we often find ourselves asking –is this really our job? We all are very lucky to have a part in the Quaver team, and I hope that you and your kids have enjoyed the various videos we’ve produced for you. It’s all about spreading the love of music, and when you love what you get to wake up and do everyday, well, then it really isn’t that hard!


Keep an eye out for the zany stuff Hannah and her team have been filming in these coming attractions on QuaverMusic.com this year!

  • Bach’s Brain – Students will learn interesting anecdotes about famous composers, listen and discover the building blocks of famous classical pieces.
  • World Percussion – Students and teachers will unpack the history, techniques, stories, materials and playing challenges that make up world percussion instruments.
  • QSoundFX – Students become film score writers by adding music, sound effects and their own voice to funny videos of Quaver and his friends.


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