3Qs with Quaver: New Year’s Edition

by Abby @ Quaver on January 2, 2012

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Quaver’s always on the move and hard to catch standing still! Once a week, Program Producer Steve Gilreath runs along side Graham Hepburn (aka Quaver) to ask him 3 Quick Questions.


Today is all about:

New Year’s Resolutions




Q1: Happy New Year Quaver! Are there any special traditions attached to New Year back in your homeland of England?

Quaver: Honestly, New Year’s celebrations in the U.K. are fairly similar to those in America. Although growing up in London we did make the pilgrimage up to Big Ben a couple of times with a million other people. We’d listen for the chimes at midnight, then hug random people for half an hour, wish them “Happy New Year,” then go back home on the Underground trains without making eye contact with anyone! London is a funny place.

Q2: What’s your family’s favorite New Year’s Eve tradition?

Quaver: We don’t have any really unusual traditions – unless you consider singing the Quaver theme song at midnight strange. Last year I was building Lego models with my children until midnight, and it was really fun to create new and interesting things with them all night long. In previous years, we’ve rung in the new year singing and playing games with friends. I LOVE IT!

Q3: What’s your hope for Teachers and their music students in the coming year?

Quaver: In 2012, I sincerely hope that teachers would have the energy and strength to bring music to life for millions of children all over the U.S.! I also hope that hundreds and thousands of teachers and students will come to love Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music and that it would really become an integral part of music teaching worldwide.

Our commitment at Quaver HQ is to make our resources better, more useful to teachers, and more fun for kids in 2012! We’ve got more creative ideas up our sleeves – branching out into all kinds of new Quaver adventures in the United States and around the World! So, really only small plans for me this year ;).



Happy New Year!

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