Special Gifts Revealed!

by Abby @ Quaver on December 27, 2011

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Did you claim your special gift from Quaver last week?

As a special “Thank You” to QuaverMusic.com users, we let you choose from Five Wrapped Gifts before December 24th. When you woke up the next morning, what did you find?

Was it . . .

. . . a Glockenspiel?

The name for this percussion instrument comes from German – glocken – meaning bells – and spiel – meaning play. So, go ahead, play those bells! It looks a bit like a xylophone doesn’t it?



. . . a Lyre?

The Lyre originated in Greece and is still a popular instrument all the way in North-Eastern Africa! The body is often hollowed out to help the signature sounds resonate! Beautiful!




. . . a Djembe?

The djembe is a member of the membranophone family of musical instruments: a frame or shell (in the djembe’s case it is a wood shell) covered by a membrane or drumhead made of rawhide or some other material. Try saying membranophone five times fast!




. . . a Sitar?

The sitar is a plucked stringed instrument predominantly used in Hindustani classical music. It’s signature sounds comes from sympathetic strings, a long hollow neck and a gourd resonating chamber.




. . . OR a Mandolin?

Learn more about the Mandolin and it’s signature “Tremolo” in Quaver’s episode on Country Music!

Congratulations to all who received one of these special instruments – you are now the proud owner of a Quaver Collectible!

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