Qtorial 11: At the Ballet!

by Abby @ Quaver on December 20, 2011

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In today’s Qtorial – our weekly series of lesson & activity ideas from Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music – we’re going to the Ballet with Quaver!

Qtorial 11: At the Ballet!


So I’m sure you’ve all heard of the movies “Men in Black” and “Three Men and a Baby”, but what about “men in tights!” That’s right – men in tights. And no, I’m not talking about the latest Will Smith movie.

I’m talking about the Ballet!

Ballet Theater, Moscow, Russia

This is the time of year where we hear more ballet music than we might hear at any other time of the year, and ballets star male dancers in tights (as well as ladies in tutus). You may never have given a thought to ballet, but it is a pretty amazing art form!

Ballet dancers are finely-tuned athletes with amazing finesse and control over their bodies. The men have to be extremely strong but very nimble, and the ladies have to wear an effortless look on their faces even if every muscle in their body is crying out for mercy. It’s a bit like on your wedding day, or in the middle of your Christmas concert, when your cheeks are aching from smiling, but you still have to smile for all the cameras!

This week, why not visit Quaver’s Ballet Theater at QuaverMusic.com and check out “The Nutcracker Suite” by Tchaikovsky! It is an amazing musical score and a wonderful ballet. It is split into lots of smaller scenes and stars Clara, a little girl who is caught up in a magical adventure of life-sized toys, battles, and dancing candy from around the world. It was inspired by an E.T.A Hoffman book which was adapted by none other than Alexander Dumas, yes he of ‘The Count of Monte Cristo” fame, (now that would make a good ballet!!)

Loads of composers wrote music for ballet as it carries its own unique set of challenges. One of the most famous ballet compositions of the last century was Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring.” It was such a different sounding piece of music that there was a riot in the concert hall as it was played – imagine that, and we think Justin Bieber draws a rowdy crowd! Although if I had to choose between the “Rite of Spring” and “The Nutcracker” score to listen on Christmas Day, I think I would have to choose “The Nutcracker” . . but why don’t you listen to both and decide for yourself?

A peek at Quaver's Ballet Venue Book!

Dig deeper into Ballet music and performance by visiting Quaver’s Ballet Theater at QuaverMusic.com!

  • Log in to your QuaverMusic.com account
  • Click on the Metro to the right of the homepage
  • Click on the first venue – The Ballet Theater – to ride the Metro for FREE!
  • Listen to Quaver’s overview of the Ballet and start exploring:
  • There’s a MATCHING GAME, a BOOMBOX full of Ballet scores, a PUZZLE, and a VENUE BOOK full of information on Ballet throughout history!

Happy Holidays from Quaver!

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