A Note from Quaver: Writing the Quaver Theme – Part III

by Abby @ Quaver on November 28, 2011

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Welcome to another edition of Quaver’s peek into the Making of the Quaver Theme Song!

Catch up on the first SIX theme-attempts in last week’s post!

Writing Theme Songs is Hard Work!


Quaver Says:

We’ve made it at last to the last week of our trip through the Quaver Theme Tune archive – but if you’re anything like me, you must be asking yourself:

What is the purpose of showing all of the ‘old’ stuff?

Well, I’ll tell you! We want you to understand that music doesn’t just grow on trees!! Like every art form, making music takes work, crafting, trial, error, teamwork and of course, determination.

I am sure there were plenty of sonatas by Beethoven or songs by Lennon and McCartney that never quite made it out of the studio. We have found that the process of reworking, modifying and collaborating with a team has improved the quality of all that we have done at QuaverMusic.com

So take a listen to our last few attempts at the perfect Quaver theme song:

Theme 7

This has got a great tag at the end, which we could have used throughout our site, however it lacks a certain energy in the music. We liked the mix of styles in the lyric, however if you go down that road then you have to answer the question: “Why didn’t you mention Classical music, or Pop or Reggae or on and on and on?”

Assessment: 3rd place!

Theme 8

At some point in the songwriting process, someone asked me, “Have you heard The Jetsons theme song?”

I said, “No!” and then went to listen to it.

I liked the quirkiness of the theme, so I tried to create a Jetsons style 70’s theme tune. After about 3 hours, I came to my senses and thought, “NO! This just isn’t working.”

So I stopped. I enjoyed it while it lasted though!

Assessment: Leave 70’s themes in the 70’s

Theme 9

This tune was written by a BRILLIANT songwriter at Quaver HQ and was created as a demo track, which is why there is only piano and guitar on it. Ultimately it was not upbeat and contemporary enough but WARNING: once you hear it, it will stay with you for a LONG time. I really like it!

Assessment: Great try


So there we go, you’ve now heard ALL NINE (failed) attempts at the perfect Quaver Theme Song!

Tune in for next week’s reveal of the WINNER – the top dog, the champ, the head of the bunch, the best in show, the supremo ,the greatest (stop there Quaver) the end of a journey of 18 months and 9 tries. See you next week!

Quaver out!

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