Disco Week Day 3: An Interview with Songwriter John Fountain

by Abby @ Quaver on November 23, 2011

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We are wrapping up this short Disco Week with a special guest – songwriter John Fountain!

John has been a crucial part of the team creating much of the original music for QuaverMusic.com, and he’s especially proud of the two Disco tunes he wrote for Quaver’s Disco Venue!

Just press play on one of John’s Disco tunes below the boom box, then read through his interview below for a groovy end to Quaver’s Disco Week!

  • Disco Penguin
  • Disco Habit 

We dare you not to dance!


Quaver Blog: Tell us a little about yourself, John! How long have you been writing music?

John Fountain: I have been writing songs professionally for around 22 years. I’ve had moderate success throughout the years which keeps me motivated to continue what I like to think of as “the good fight.” I began working for the Quaver team two or three years ago and have been happy to take a stab at any song they find a need for – whether it’s country, ballroom, or even DISCO!

I’m very grateful to be a part of this education and entertainment phenomenon! If not for my music teacher, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I stay in touch with her, in fact, and share all the adventures Nashville has in store for me. Although she’s been retired now for many years, I hold her in the very highest esteem, second only to my own mother!

What personal experience with the Disco Era did you bring to the table as inspiration for these tunes?

I grew up in the Disco Era and even wore high platform shoes from time to time. I felt a little taller that way! I love Disco, but until now I never had a chance to write any Disco songs, so this has been really fun!

What was your process for creating these songs?

I gathered ideas for the music from other Quaver team members, and then crossed my fingers, closed by eyes, and jumped into the process!

I look at songwriting like dressing up for Halloween. Just put on the necessary costume and you are transformed into that style for a little while. While writing these songs, the costume called for big hair, tall shoes, and bell bottoms – so that’s what I wore!

Tell us about “Disco Habit” and “Disco Penguin” – what did you hope these songs would inspire?

I hoped that these songs would make children dance, or laugh, or even try to write a song of their own. At the age of eight, I knew the only thing for me was music. I truly believe each is given a gift in life, and that music is one of many gifts!

What is your favorite genre of music besides Disco to write?

I honestly adore all music, but as an ole’ Mississippi boy, my heart will always be tied to Country.

What else are you working on right now?

Currently, I’m working on a Cabaret song for another Quaver project. Stay tuned!

Anything else you’d like to share about your music, Disco, and the Quaver team?

Music can be as simple as the pat of the foot or a short whistled tune. It lives in and serves us all! There is no individual on the planet that is not a part of music in one shape, form, or fashion. It’s as necessary to life as breathing!


Thanks John – for your passion for music and your talent for creating danceable disco tunes!

We really want you all to have a chance to take the Disco Metro to Funkytown, so we’re hosting a ONE WEEK FREE PREVIEW of the Disco Venue!

From now until Monday, November 28th at midnight, you can visit Quaver’s Disco Venue for free! Click the Metro to the right of Quaver’s Shop on the QuaverMusic.com homepage – and check it out!

Let us know what you think of the Disco Venue in the comments below!

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