Disco Week Begins!

by Abby @ Quaver on November 21, 2011

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It may be all Turkey Talk in your neck of the woods,
but at Quaver HQ, this week is all about . . .


That’s right! This week, we are giving thanks for the heavy beats and mirrored balls that had everybody dancing to the Disco sound! Grab your bell-bottoms and enjoy Quaver’s Disco Week!

  • TODAY: We’ll check out Quaver’s new Disco Venue – now open at QuaverMusic.com.
  • TUESDAY: Quaver’s Disco Qtorial will give you some ideas for teaching Disco in your classroom.
  • WEDNESDAY: We’ll go behind-the-scenes as one of Quaver’s songwriters pens a Disco tune!

To kick things off, our Venue Maestro will give you the groovy lowdown on Quaver’s Disco Venue at QuaverMusic.com!

The best part is, the Disco Venue is FREE all week! See the end of the post for details!


Ah! Ah! Ah! Aah! Stayin’ Alive! Stayin’ Alive!
If you know that popular song hook, then you know Disco!

Funky! Groovy! Platform Shoes! Disco Ball! Polyester Leisure Suit!
If you’ve heard of these, then you’re one platformed step closer to understanding Disco!

The 1970s found music lover’s recovering from the break-up of The Beatles. Rock music was gaining a foothold, but there were music lovers who wanted to DANCE! They started with a strong beat, mixed in some funk, Latin, and soul music and POOF!

Disco was born!

As you venture through the Disco Venue at QuaverMusic.com, you’ll see how Disco music was all about the DANCE! Disco lovers liked their groovy outfits and even groovier dance floors! How cool is a dance floor that changes colors when you dance on it!?! (I think I’m going to put one in my house!)

Disco found its first home in something called a Discothèque, which is actually a French word that means “record library.” A discothèque was a place where a DJ would spin records – yep, those big, black, vinyl discs that came before CDs and cassette tapes! DJs would spin records while people danced . . . and dance they did!
The first known disco opened in New York City in the 1970s, and by 1975, there were over 10,000 discothèques in the United States alone! You’ll also discover – or should I say DISCOver – that the first re-mix didn’t come from Hip-Hop, but from Disco! Also the 1970s wasn’t the first decade to use a disco ball . . . try the 1910s!

At the Disco Venue, you’ll learn how groups like KC & The Sunshine Band, The Bee Gees, and solo artists like Donna Summer & Gloria Gaynor helped define the sound of disco! Find out how the future King of Pop got his start in the Disco era and that even classical music has some connection to Disco days!

It’s pretty groovy!

Answer the Disco Quiz at the end of the venue book and unlock some cool prizes – like a Disco-fabulous Hairdo for your Avatar! Play the Matching Card Set games to find out popular items related to Disco! One of my favorites are the funky tennis shoe roller skates! See if you can find those!

That’s all from the Venue Maestro for now!
Keep up “The Hustle” out there, and I’ll see you next time!


To take the Disco Metro to Funkytown – click the Metro to the right of Quaver’s Shop on the QuaverMusic.com homepage – and check it out – the venue is open and FREE all week!

From now until Monday, November 28th at midnight, users can visit Quaver’s Disco Venue for free! Let us know what you think of the Disco Venue in the comments below – and stay tuned tomorrow for Quaver’s Qtorial on teaching Disco in the classroom!

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