Qtorial 8: Using Playalongs in Quaver’s Studio Creatives

by Abby @ Quaver on November 15, 2011

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Today’s Qtorial – our weekly series of lesson & activity ideas from Quaver’s Marvelous World of Music – takes you deeper into the Studio Creatives’ capabilities.

Qtorial 8: Using Playalongs in Quaver’s Studio Creatives

Quaver here – guiding you through the
wonderful world of playalongs!

As you can imagine, there’s loads of stuff on QuaverMusic.com that you may not discover straight away – and creating playalongs is one of my favorite features of the site.

A playalong is a piece of music you can load into QGrooves, QBackbeat, QComposer and QStrum and then write music to ‘playalong’ with it! Each Creative includes some playalongs for you to choose from automatically, but the real fun is in making your own. Playalongs are the key to composing your own masterpiece!

Let’s make a playalong together!

  • Go into QBackbeat and create a 12 measure simple drum pattern. Like the one you hear below.

    A 12 Measure Drum Beat in QBackBeat
  • After you have saved it, click FILE in the tabs at the bottom of the screen and click on the Mp3 icon. This will make your drum part into an Mp3 (surprise surprise!!)

  • Now, here’s the great part: save and exit QBackBeat and then open up QStrum, another of the Studio Creatives at your fingertips.
  • Click on the playalong bar in QStrum and check the box of the drum beat you just created. This loads it into QStrum like magic!

Click Playalong in QStrum to add your Drum Beat

  • All you have to do now is add a groovy guitar part.
  • Listen to the guitar and the drums we created below:

Now, if you want to get really crazy, you could make that piece into a playalong and pick it up in QGrooves, but this kind of Quaver action is not for the faint-hearted.

Oh and another thing, if you want other people to listen to your creation, they can hear it in your boombox in your music room!

Boom Chicka Boom!

Try creating a playalong today and let us know what you think!


We’ve been really digging into QBackBeat lately, unpacking the ways teachers can use the tools at QuaverMusic.com in their classrooms. The great news is – QBackBeat is just one of the music-making tools in the Studio at QuaverMusic.com! If you have questions about other Creatives or elements we’ve yet to unpack – feel free to join the conversation at QuaverQmunity.com where you can ask questions of the Quaver team and other teachers using Quaver’s Program anytime!

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