A Musical Veterans Day Tribute

by Abby @ Quaver on November 11, 2011

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Today, the Quaver team salutes Veterans and the musical history that has accompanied their service. 

Explore with us, and Quaver team-member Fred Laughlin, some famous patriotic tunes, and the history of service they commemorate.

As we recognize our veterans on their special day, November 11th, we are reminded of the role music has played in the military from the beginning of our nation’s history.

We commonly think of military music in march form, a type of orchestral metronome to keep soldiers in step — of John Philip Sousa and his “Washington Post March” as well as the “Stars and Stripes Forever.” These are songs that can lift our spirits along with our feet and even glamorize the profession of arms.

But music can also mark an era and bring to mind times of war. Who can listen to “Yankee Doodle” without envisioning the fife and drum of the Revolutionary War, the Battle Hymn of the Republic” absent an image of the Civil War, or Over There” without picturing doughboys hunkered in trenches on the front lines in Europe? There are also songs of sadness and longing such as “Keep the Home Fires Burning” and “Danny Boy,” which remind us of the separation and loneliness of the men and women in a distant land fighting for our country.

Yet, while most music associated with the military celebrates the soldier or the sailor, there are songs that seem to do the opposite. Think of Blowin’ in the Wind,” which was popular during the Viet Nam War or “War (What is it Good For?)” by Edwin Starr.

In spite of the variety of the mood and emotions reflected in music that is associated with the military, there is one proposition we hope is shared by us all a sense of gratitude to the men and women in uniform now and in the past, who have fought for the freedom that we all enjoy.

To all veterans on their special day – THANK YOU!

What is your favorite patriotic song?
How are your classes celebrating Veterans Day?

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