Behind-the-Scenes: Roadies to the Rescue

by Abby @ Quaver on November 10, 2011

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Super Programmer Adam is back to dig into another of our QArcade mini-games!

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Hey, everyone! It’s Adam, here again to give you some inside tips about one of the games at

Today we’re going to talk about Roadies to the Rescue. It’s another game that I helped create. I hope you like it! And if you do, then you might be interested in the tips that I have in store for you.

The Idea

The goal of Roadies to the Rescue is to recognize and gather instruments from the same genre or style of music and load them into a moving truck for the Quaver Roadies to deliver in time for the show! 

At least that’s how you play the game today. Over the course of its lifespan, Roadies to the Rescue has undergone quite a few changes. In the beginning stages, users dropped instruments into giant pots to fill recipes in what we called called “Instrument Kitchen”? Wow! What a funny name! In the end, we decided that cooking with instruments was a little strange (and potentially dangerous!) so we moved the game in this different direction!

If you’ve played Roadies, you can tell that it’s nothing like this early version. But that’s all right, because changing things is a normal part of the development process.

Experimenting, trying new things, and being willing to go in a different direction are just as important to development as they are to music-making!

Now, instead of instruments in a kitchen, you’re challenge is to put instruments in a van so the roadies can haul them away. The vans are each a different musical style, so in the process of playing you are learning what instruments go together.

That makes a little more sense than cooking up batches of instruments, doesn’t it?

Although, I am getting hungry . . .


So, what’s unique about Roadies to the Rescue? Have you ever played a game like it before? Some of the mini-games on are based on classic games that are familiar to many people, but what about Roadies? Well, we wanted to try something a little different with this one. We went for a style of gameplay that you don’t see very often!

The tricky thing about Roadies is this – you have to race against the clock in order to stop the evil Dr. Dischord from stealing all of your instruments. So while you are dragging and dropping the correct instrument crates into the Roadies’ van, Dr. Dischord is in his bulldozer trying to steal them away! What a bully!

If you fill the van quickly enough, you’ll get a higher score and be on your way to a medal in your trophy case.

And who doesn’t like medals and high scores??

Tips and Hints

  • Use the Time Pause Crate every time you see it, even if the timer is already paused! Time Pause Crates will stack up, so the timer will stay paused even longer.

Time Pause Crate

  • Sometimes it’s a good strategy to allow Dr. Dischord to steal a crate. If he has stolen a harmonica, for example, and you have a harmonica available on the crate grid, then you may just want to let him steal it. Why? Because if he is occupied already then it means you don’t have to worry about him until later! Plus, you’re not losing much because you know you can grab another harmonica immediately.
  • Don’t grab crates away from Dr. Dischord as soon as he steals them. If you do, he will just go right back to the van and steal another one! Instead, wait until he is almost offscreen before grabbing it back from him. That way he will have to travel all the way to the van before he can steal another instrument from you.
  • If you don’t see any of the instruments you need – just match two of the same instrument and new options will appear! Combining instruments will make it much more likely that the new instrument that pops up will be one of the instruments on the van’s list. Keep that in mind whenever you’re searching for an instrument that you need!

So go ahead, fill the Roadies’ van, beat that Dr. Dischord, save the show, and reinforce those musical styles while you’re at it!

Now that you’ve been behind-the-scenes – it’s time to go inside the screen!

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What classic arcade game would you like to see turned into a QArcade game?

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1 Cindy Austin November 10, 2011 at 8:33 pm

Pacman – we could eat notes to score point values!

You guys are AMAZING!


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