A Note from Quaver: Writing the Quaver Theme, Part I

by Abby @ Quaver on November 7, 2011

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This week’s Note from Quaver is all about his favorite tune – The Quaver Theme Song!

If you haven’t heard this catchy tune – you can hear it on YouTube or in our free QuaverQnex smartphone app!

Quaver says:

We have had loads of comments about how great the theme music for the show is, and I really love the song!

So, I thought it would be great to share a bit of the process we went through to get to our final product. Over the next few weeks, I’ll take you through the other NINE pieces that never quite made it out of the cutting room!

It’s easy to take theme music for granted, in 30 seconds you have to introduce the character, setting, style, energy, context of the show and keep it catchy so it sticks in peoples’ heads – no small task.

So here are 3 attempts, next week we will have the next 3 and then yes the next 3 and then (hold on to your hats) the winner! Listen to each, read about the process, and then give us your vote for your favorite attempt so far!

Theme 1

Initially Quaver was going to shrink and explore the inside of instruments. So this theme was written with that in mind.

The initial lyric was “Mr. Quaver, Mr. Quaver, the wacky music teacher who can shrink!” We wanted to try and convey a quirkiness to the show. I even included a Mozart piano piece under the lyric “If you want to play the piano” to catch the ear of experts who might be listening and be impressed, but in the end it was a little to pre-school for our target audience and not interesting enough.

It’s certainly catchy though. I defy you to listen to it 3 times without it torturing you for a few days.

Assessment: GATHER DUST

Theme 2

I really liked this one, and wrote it in a moment of inspiration. I love the beat, the feel, and the repetition of the complete title in the song, plus the fact it is my son’s voice at the beginning of the track. Maybe with hindsight it is not quite melodic enough, but it did appear on the first roughs of the show so we all heard it for a while. We will award it a gallant 2nd place trophy!

Assessment: NEARLY THERE

Theme 3

This one combines the feel of a “Simpson’s” episode with a Tim Burton movie, and moves through 5 musical keys before getting to the end. Everything about it is quirky and wacky: the words, the style, the music. Although it is good, some of my friends said it sounded like a combination of “The Munsters” and “The Addams Family” and could induce nightmares in small children . . .

Assessment: REJECTED


Tune in next week for the next 3 tunes in our hunt for the perfect Quaver theme song! Let us know what you think!

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