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by Abby @ Quaver on November 3, 2011

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It is with great pride, and a little bit of anticipation, that I turn it over today to the one and only Venue Maestro! He’s eager to introduce you to Heavy Metal Music through our Heavy Metal Venue at QuaverMusic.com.

Take it away Venue Maestro!

Heavy Metal Music

I just have one thing to say about Heavy Metal Music:

Now that we’ve summed up Heavy Metal, let us move on to the inner-workings of hip-hop polka, a genre that is sweeping the nation of Denmark. Just kidding! Although, hip-hop polka; there might be something to that . . . .

Onward to metal . . . Heavy Metal . . . the music variety.

Heavy Metal music is kind of like rock music’s really loud and rough brother. It takes the electric guitars and amplifiers of rock music and turns them all the way up to 11! (That means really loud). Whereas rock music may use one or two or even three amplifiers, Heavy Metal likes to think of amplifiers in terms of double digits . . . 10 or more!

Heavy Metal bands are just as much about the show (or performance) as they are the music. Some bands have elaborate costumes, tons of lighting, lots of smoke machines, and even use pyrotechnics. BOOM! Flash of light! More flashes of light! Feeling like a sparkler! And fizzle out! WOW! That was awesome!

Speaking of those “shows”, they’ve got to be played somewhere. One such location is an abandoned warehouse . . . yes, an abandoned warehouse. We’ve housed out Heavy Metal venue on QuaverMusic.com in the Chicago Concert Hall in Chicago, Illinois . . . but attempt to locate the Chicago Concert Hall…we dare ya’.

Waiting for you to search – in vain – for the Chicago Concert Hall . . . no, the Chicago Symphony hall does not count.

Why did we do this? Sometimes one needs to ROCK outside the established venue locations . . . obviously with your parents’ permission! The cool thing about a warehouse is that you’re only limited to, well the size of the warehouse! That’s the awesome thing about HEAVY METAL . . . its only limit is the size of the venue. Take for example our “Chicago Concert Hall” . . .  it is large enough to house 20 foot video screens, 30 foot prop, electric guitars, and a 10 foot statue with a drum kit on top of it! Bands like KISS and Metallica have no problem filling 20 to 30,000 seat stadiums and arenas, so even the biggest warehouse would be too small for them!

Now more about Quaver’s Heavy Metal Venue on QuaverMusic.com:

Venturing through our warehouse you’ll find out that some bands put on concerts, while other bands put on shows! Discover the birthplace of Heavy Metal. Bet you can’t guess it off the top of your head! See how one type of music can be a branch of another type of music . . . and then sprout several branches of its own!

Did you get that? I think I did.

Find out what leather and video games have to do with Heavy Metal. Click on the Music Player and rock out to the Heavy Metal music samples. This is just a shard of what awaits you at the Heavy Metal venue. Make sure you’re ready to ROCK . . . and ROCK HARD!

Stay tuned next time to see how much lead Led Zeppelin would mine if Led Zeppelin were miners.

So hop the Metro to our Heavy Metal Venue today – and learn even more about Rock’s louder and rougher younger brother!

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