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by Abby @ Quaver on November 2, 2011

in At Quaver HQ,

One of the greatest things about is that it’s constantly changing and growing!

We’re adding new things every month and THIS blog is a great place to find out about them! We’ll be showcasing what’s new the first Wednesday of every month!

As the calendar flips from October to November –
we move from Rock Music onto Rock’s louder and rougher little brother:
Heavy Metal!

That’s right – our Heavy Metal venue is open and ready for visitors!

A heavy prize!

We’ll take a closer look at what’s inside this fast and loud musical style tomorrow as our very own Venue Maestro gives us a backstage tour, but for now, be on the look out for this HEAVY METAL AXE GUITAR as a prize for completing the Venue Book Quiz with a perfect score! Take the Metro to Chicago’s Concert Hall to find out more!


Other Site Updates live this month:

  • Faster Loading Times across the site!
  • Using QComposer to create your new killer song?  You can now set your preferences to show the names of the notes on your QComposer Piano!
    • Click FILE > PREFERENCES > Check “Always Show Note Names on Piano”
  • New Tutorials!
    Introducing 5 new ways to dig deeper and get the most music out of Quaver’s Studio Creatives!
    • Step-by-Step: An interactive walk-through of the Creative
    • Topics: Get all your questions answered in this comprehensive breakdown
    • Hot Spots: Help appears as your cursor hovers over elements of the Creative
    • Tips: A great reference as you start creating your original piece
    • Dictionary: Review or learn even more musical terms as you create

Also coming later this month:

  • New Interactive White Board Activities in our Online Quaver Classrooms
  • Country and Pop Loops in Quaver’s Studio Creative: QGrooves

You can find more details on these changes and updates to anytime at

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